Powerful Prayers

Powerful Prayers For Grace

Grace is the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of… Read More »Powerful Prayers For Grace

Powerful Prayers For Boldness

We all have a bit of a fear of the unknown or something that makes us uncomfortable. Many people struggle… Read More »Powerful Prayers For Boldness

Powerful Prayers For Brothers And Sisters

If you have a brother or sister, then you know how special the bond can be. However, like any relationship,… Read More »Powerful Prayers For Brothers And Sisters

Powerful Prayers For A New President

Prayer is a powerful thing. Prayer has been shown to have major health benefits, reduce stress, and even help you… Read More »Powerful Prayers For A New President

Powerful Prayers For Teacher Meetings

Teachers are not just the rock stars of the school system. They are also entrepreneurs who run their own businesses… Read More »Powerful Prayers For Teacher Meetings

Powerful Prayers For Loneliness

Powerful Prayers For Loneliness

Even the strongest believers sometimes face feelings of loneliness. Perhaps you’re an international student, a single parent, or someone who… Read More »Powerful Prayers For Loneliness

Powerful Prayers For Daily Neglects

Every day, we make choices that either bring us closer to God or move us further away. Though these decisions… Read More »Powerful Prayers For Daily Neglects

Powerful Prayers For Studying For Exams

Studying for exams can be difficult, especially when you’re a student with a full course load, clubs, work and other… Read More »Powerful Prayers For Studying For Exams

Powerful Prayers For Youth Ministers

Youth ministers are amazing people. They have to be able to connect with students on a personal level and provide… Read More »Powerful Prayers For Youth Ministers

Powerful Prayers For Obedience

If you are in a season of obedience, here are some prayers to pray for. Section: Obedience is not always… Read More »Powerful Prayers For Obedience