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Powerful Prayers For Brothers And Sisters

    If you have a brother or sister, then you know how special the bond can be. However, like any relationship, sibling relationships can sometimes become strained. If this happens to your relationship with your brother or sister, don’t hesitate to pray for a closer bond. You can also pray for your siblings when they are sick or troubled and need some extra support from God and family members. While every individual’s situation is different, all of these prayers can help you get started on praying for your siblings and finding the right words to say during difficult times.

    Powerful Prayers For Brothers And Sisters

    1. Healing Prayer For My Brother

    • **Heal my brother’s body, Lord.**
    • **Free him from pain and suffering, Lord.**
    • **Help my brother to be free from disease and sickness, Lord.**

    2. Prayer For Forgiveness

    If you are hurting over the actions of someone who has hurt your brother or sister, it is important to forgive them. Forgiveness does not mean forgetting what has happened, but it does mean choosing to release the anger and resentment that can hold us back from moving forward in life. If you have forgiven the person who has hurt your brother or sister, then pray for them:

    • That they would come to know God’s love through Jesus Christ;
    • That they would experience healing and restoration;
    • That they would be able to live their lives without fear of being rejected by others; and
    • That all people would treat each other with respect regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.

    3. Prayer For Betrayed Brothers And Sisters

    Prayer for betrayed brothers and sisters

    • Prayer for your brother or sister. Pray for your brother or sister’s family. Pray for your brother or sister’s friends. Pray for your brother or sister’s co-workers, neighbors, and anyone else who has been hurt by this situation.
    • Ask God to comfort you with the knowledge that He is in control, not you! If you realize that God did not will this to happen then it becomes much easier to forgive them and move forward with life without bitterness and resentment towards those involved in the betrayal of a trusting relationship between you two.

    4. Prayer For A Sick Brother

    When you have a sick brother, sister, child, relative, or friend and you need to pray for them:

    • Pray that God will heal them.
    • Ask God to touch the person’s body with His healing power.
    • Pray that God will give you enough faith to believe in this prayer.

    5. A Prayer For A Troubled Brother

    Dear God,

    I pray for my brother who is going through a difficult time. He needs your protection from evil, and I ask that his soul be healed by your grace. Please help him find peace for his troubled heart and happiness in his life. Give him the love he deserves so that he may have a good life.

    I pray these things in Jesus’ name, amen!

    6. Prayer To Heal Broken Relationships

    Prayer For Healing Broken Relationships

    Healing broken relationships is a big part of our lives. It can be really hard to let go of the past and move on when we’ve been hurt by those closest to us, but with God’s help, it’s possible! This prayer will give you hope as you ask for forgiveness and healing in your life.

    Prayer For Forgiveness

    Sometimes we have done things that have hurt others and need forgiveness from them so that our relationship can continue on a positive note. If there are certain people in your life who have wronged you or done something bad, this prayer is meant for them too. It will help open their eyes up towards seeing how much they’ve hurt you and make sure that they know what it feels like when someone does something terrible to them as well (since many people don’t realize this).

    7. A Prayer To Protect Your Brother Against Enemies

    This prayer is one of the most powerful prayers for brothers and sisters to pray in times when their brother or sister is under attack.

    Prayer for Protection Against Enemies

    Father God, I come before you asking for protection over my sibling’s life. I know that there are many people who want to bring harm upon them and destroy their lives through violence, slander, deceitful words or even witchcraft. Lord God have mercy on us all; we need more love in this world today than ever before! Protect my brother/sister from all enemies both visible and invisible in Jesus’ name we pray; amen

    8. A Short Morning Prayer For Your Sister

    Prayer is an important part of life. Prayer can give you the strength to face the day and help you deal with your problems. It also helps you feel closer to God, who loves us all very much.

    A Short Morning Prayer For Your Sister

    Dear Lord, please keep my sister safe today as she goes about her daily tasks. Guide her along the path You have laid out for her and protect her from harm. Please watch over my sister’s family and friends who may need your guidance as well. May they all be blessed by Your loving care throughout this day! Blessings on my sister at work today! Make sure that everyone treats her kindly, even if they don’t mean it—I know You will take care of them too when they need it most! Dear Lord, please watch over my [sister’s name] today because she needs extra love from You, especially now since she has been feeling so ill lately due to [describe health condition].

    9. A Short Prayer To Say Before You Eat With Your Sister

    “Thank you, Lord, for this food. It is a gift from you, and it cradles my hunger. Thank you, Lord, that I have a sister who shares it with me. Please bless the food and bless my sister.”

    “Father in heaven, we ask that you bless this meal with your spirit of peace and love so that we may enjoy one another’s company as well as our meal together.”

    “We thank you for all those who contribute to the goodness of this table; let their lives be blessed by your grace.”

    10. Uplifting Prayer Of Strength And Protection For Sisters

    You are the strong one. And you should be the one praying for your sister, not the other way around.

    Pray for your sister and her family. Pray for their safety and health, that they may have all they need to live in abundance. Pray that they will be surrounded by good friends who support them and lift them up when necessary—and who are also committed to taking care of themselves too so that they’re not draining their energy on someone who has no intention of being there for them when their back is against the wall. Pray that those who would seek to hurt or harm your sister will meet with success in their endeavors but never find happiness in those pursuits because ultimately it’s more important people choose to do good than it is to get what you want out of life at all costs!

    11. Pray for a closer bond with your brother or sister.

    • Pray for a closer bond with your brother or sister.

    You both are bound to have differences in opinion and taste, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be close. You can always pray for a closer bond with your sibling, especially if things have become strained between the two of you recently.


    Praying for a brother and sister is something that is much needed in the world. It’s important to always remember them and the sacrifices they’ve made in order for you to be safe. They are our support system and help us get through hard times with grace. A Prayer For My Brother, A Short Morning Prayer For Your Sister, these prayers will help strengthen your relationship with each other as well as God.

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