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See How Nick Vujicic Celebrated His Wife on Mother’s Day

    Nick Vujicic wife : The Australian American born motivational speaker without Limb on the last mother’s day took to instagram to celebrate the wife and mother of his chiildren Kane Miyahara. Nick Vujicic who was born without arms and legs has defeated his disability and iis today a known internationals speaker. His life remains a source of motivation to many.

    Nick is happily married to Kanae Miyahara with who he has 4 children, two boys and twin girls.

    Celebrating his wife on the mother’s day, Nick took to instagram to write:

    HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to my wife @kanaevujicic who is such an incredible, courageous, selfless and devoted Mother to our four adorable children. From the mouth of our pastor Steve Abraham this Mother’s Day… To all the Mom’s who…
    1. Gave birth this year…we rejoice with you
    2. Lost a child or mom this year…we mourn with you
    3. Are in the trenches with little ones this year…we appreciate you
    4. Experienced loss through a miscarriage, failed adoption or run away…we grieve for you
    5. Foster moms, mentor moms & spiritual moms…we need you!
    6. Those who have close relationships with their mom…we celebrate you
    7. Those who are distanced from your kids…we pray for you
    8. Who are single, desiring to be married and a mom…we are believing with you 9. Wanting to have kids but can’t conceive we believe with you for a miracle, being content without kids, or being a miracle to a foster or adopted child, joyful in the Lord either way. Mothers Worldwide… thank you!!! Happy Mother’s Day!

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