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Joyce Meyer Launches a 10-Day “Keys to a Stronger Marriage” Study

    Joyce Meyer ''Keys to a Stronger Marriage”

    Joyce Meyer Launches a 10-Day “Keys to a Stronger Marriage” Study

    The founder of Joyce Meyer Ministries, New York Times Best seller,  popular speaker and author Joyce Meyer, in collaboration with  her husband Dave Meyer, has launched a 10-day marriage enrichment study titled “Keys to a Stronger Marriage.”

    Announced on social media, Keys to a Stronger Marriage is designed to guide couples toward a deeper and more fulfilling marriage.

    “A good marriage isn’t going to just happen,” Meyer shared. “It requires some give and take and a willingness to let God direct you all along the way.”

    During the program, participants can expect to explore biblical principles and practical lessons gleaned from Joyce and Dave’s over 54 years of successful marriage.

    “In this 10-day study,” reads the announcement, “Joyce shares biblical principles and lessons from her and Dave’s more than 54 years of marriage to help you cultivate a greater relationship than you ever thought possible.”

    Meyer further promises that the program will equip couples to cultivate a relationship that surpasses their expectations. She acknowledges the importance of dedication and faith, stating, “Anything worth having is going to take prayer, sacrifice, time, and commitment. But with God’s help, you can slowly but surely build a strong, joy-filled relationship that lasts a lifetime!” she assures.

    Interested persons can sign up for the study program for free at

    The 10-day “Keys to a Stronger Marriage” study announcement comes days after Meyer took to social media to offer sage advice to couples looking to build a happy and lasting relationship. At the time, she shared five key secrets for a strong marriage and five more helpful marriage tips.

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