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Joyce Meyer Biography, Age, Husband, Marriage, Children, Grandchildren, Father, Brother, Net Worth and Books

     Joyce Meyer Net Worth and Biography

    Who is Joyce Meyer?

    Joyce Pauline Hutchison now known as Joyce Meyer  is an American Charismatic Christian author, speaker, president of Joyce Meyer Ministries, wife of Dave Meyer and the mother of four named; Daniel B. Meyer, Sandra Ellen McCollom, Laura Marie Holtzmann, and David Meyer.

    Joyce Meyer

    Pastor Joyce Meyer grew up with her parents but her father was in the army, it was mostly her mother, when he came back he abused Joyce not just sexually, mentally, emotionally and verbally as well, her mother could not do much for her, they were both helpless. This made her develop a deep sense of self-pity and multiple personality disorder.

    Irrespective of how Joyce was treated by her father, Joyce was able to complete her studies from O’Fallon technical high school in St. Louis, after graduation she married a part time car sales man but their marriage lasted only for 5years with one child, she was also abused by him

    Joyce Meyer Age / Date of Birth / Birthday

    How old is Joyce Meyer?

    When was Joyce Meyer born?

    When is Joyce Meyer Birthday?

    Joyce Meyer was born on the 4th  June 1943. Accordingly, as of 2021 , Joyce Meyer is 78 years old. Accordingly, Joyce Meyer celebrates her birthday on the 4th of June every year.

    Joyce Meyer Husband Dave Meyer

    In 1967 Joyce got married to Dave Meyer an engineering draftsman. He was a supportive and encouraging husband, this made her more of a calm person. Joyce Meyer has four children: Daniel B Meyer, David Meyer, Laura Marie Hotzmann and Sandra Ellen Mccollom. They live in St. Louis Missouri and all their four grown children are involved in some form of Christian ministry.

    Joyce Meyer husband Dave Meyer
    Joyce Meyer and her husband Dave Meyer

    Joyce Meyer Father

    Joyce Meyer father name : Hutchison

    Not much about Joyce’s father is available online however it was stated clearly that his father joined the military even before she was born. He was among the soldiers who fought in World War II. When he came back, Joyce said that her dad used to sexually abuse her which in turn affected her teenage years.  In a sermon, the Meyer detailed the many occasions and tactics her father would use while she was growing up to abuse her, such as when her mother would go out shopping, or when he would take her swimming. She revealed that her father abused other girls as well.

    Joyce Meyer father
    Joyce Meyer father during his baptism

    Joyce Meyer Brother

    David Hutchison, Joyce Meyer’s brother was 10 years younger and her only sibling. They were both abused in different ways by their alcoholic father.

    Joyce brother, David Hutchison died alone in an abandoned building only to be discovered by a homeless man 30 days after his death after his corpse has decayed to an extent.

    David Hutchinson joined the army 17 years old  where his sergeant introduced him to drugs to help him cope with the horrors of war.

    David eventually got married and had a son. Then he divorced his wife and ran away.

    Joyce Meyer Children

    How many children does Joyce Meyer have?

    What is Joyce Meyer daughter’s name?

    Joyce Meyer marriage with Dave Meyer is blessed with 4 adult children named Daniel B. Meyer, Sandra Ellen McCollom, Laura Marie Holtzmann, and David Meyer.

      Joyce Meyer Educational Background

    Joyce Meyer holds a PhD in theology from Life Christian university in Tampa Florida, she has an honorary doctorate in divinity from oral Robert University in Tulsa, Oklahoma and an honorary doctorate in sacred theology.

    Joyce Meyer Divine calling

    Joyce Meyer received a personal message from God in 1976 on her way back from work, which led her to discovering a real love for the word of God. After the message, she became a member of our saviour Lutheran church. She later became an active participant of life Christian centre, a charismatic church in Fenton. She was appointed the church associate pastor, due to her teachings of the bible the church gained more popularity and became one of the leading churches in the area. Her teachings gained so much popularity and she had an overwhelming demand for a daily radio broadcast, which she adhered to.

    In 1985, she resigned as an associate pastor and founded her own ministry. It was earlier named “life in the word” and it was broadcasted on superstation WGN in Chicago and black entertainment television (BET), she was also offered to air her show on six different radio stations. Her husband later persuaded her to expand her network. It was called “Enjoying Everyday Life”. Enjoying Everyday Life became a huge success and is still functions till date. It is broadcasted in more than 40 languages on 900 Television and radio stations potentially leading to more than 4.5 billion viewers across the globe. It has its headquarters is in Missouri.

    Joyce Meyer’s ministry teaches various topics and aspects of life, her show is simply catchy and interesting cause she teaches from her experience and learning’s, she inspires viewers to learn from them. Her practical approach to the bible makes her unique. She has written over 100 self-help books that have been translated to over 100 languages with over 12 million readers.

    Joyce Meyer’s books are on massive demand and because of response from readers and critic’s she has become one of New York Times best selling authors. She conducts domestic and international conferences yearly, motivating people to enjoy their daily lives. She also holds a yearly women conference, which normally have over 200,000 women from across the globe in attendance. She has a foundation that serves the purpose of alms giving; it runs several programs of providing food and medical care and disaster reliefs. She co-founded the St. Louis dream centre with her husband; they serve people by treating the needy, lost and hurt through the love of Christ.

    Joyce Meyer Net worth

    As of January 2022, Joyce Meyer net worth is estimated at $10 Million. Joyce Meyer has various homes and travels in a private jet. However, she has been criticized for living a luxurious life, she defended all the criticisms by saying she does not need to “defend herself for God’s blessings”.

    In 2009, Joyce Meyer ministry received accreditation from evangelical council for financial accountability (ECFA).

    She was able to forgive both men (her father and first husband) through God’s words. She is a survivor of breast cancer.



    “Put your expectations on God not people” “Courage is fear that has said its prayers and decided to go forward anyway”.



    • Conflict free living: how to build healthy relationships for life, 2008
    • Woman to woman: candid conversations from me to you, 2007
    • Love out loud: devotions on loving God, yourself and others, 2011
    • Get your hopes up
    • A confident woman: start today living boldly and without fear, 2007
    • Approval addiction: overcoming your need to please everyone, 2005
    • How to hear from God: Learn to know his voice and make right decision, 2003
    • The secret power of speaking God’s words, 2004
    • I dare you: embrace life with passion, 2007
    • Never give up! : Relentless determination to overcome life’s challenges, 2009.

    Through her books, she has helped a lot people find hope and restoration through Jesus Christ.

    Her instagram handle is @joycemeyer and her twitter account is @joycemeyer.

    The above article is centered on the Biography of Joyce Meyer the famous preacher and motivational speaker. Keep tuned with us as we provide you with daily sermons and talks by Joyce Meyer

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