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Happy 77th Birthday to Pastor Jerry Savelle

    Happy 77th Birthday to Pastor Jerry Savelle : Here comes a day of joy and immense celebration in the family of Jerry Savelle and Jerry Savelle Ministries as the Jerry Savelle Ministries International founder, author, and televangelist, Pastor Jerry Savelle marks his  77th birthday.

    Countless individuals across the globe have taken to social media to celebrate Savelle for his incredible leadership, unwavering faith, and dedication to sharing the Word.

    Celebration Pastor Jerry Savelle’s 77th Birthday, the Jerryb Savelle’s ministries took to instagram to write:

    Join us and some of Brother Jerry’s closest friends in showering him with love and birthday wishes today! 🎂

    Your guidance, wisdom, and devotion to sharing the Word of God have inspired us all. Thank you for being an incredible leader. Wishing you a day filled with joy and blessings! 🙏❤️ Happy Birthday, Brother Jerry!

    Still in the spirit of Brother Jerry Savelle’s 77th birthday celebration, a lot of other religious leaders took to social media to celebrate him and wish him well.

    Jesse and his wife Cathy Duplantis wrote : “Hey Jerry 77 years old my man. Happy birthday Jerry we love you. You are such a dear friend and we are happy to be part of your 77th birthday celebration. We wish we could be there to celebrate with you and you know you are such a blessing. Such a great friend. We Love you. We mean that sincerely. I tell you I really believe you should have been my brother. happy birthday Jerry and also Merry Christmas,” .

    Televangelist Richard Lee Roberts said: “Hello to my dear friend Jerry Savelle. I wanted to stop for a moment and wish you a happy happy 77th birthday. You know God’s perfect number is seven. And you got it twice, 77. God bless you, my dear friend. Happy happy birthday to you.

    Copeland Ministry founder Kenneth Copeland also sent a heartwarming message to him, recalling a few memories they shared. “Jerry Happy birthday my dear brother,” he said. “All the way back to Pismo Beach, California. Glory to God and the old Oldsmobile that wouldn’t get hot and then I slapped it and got hot. And a lot of good memories. I just praise God for you. We have been preaching partners now for over 50 years and it’s been so delightful wonderful years. We love you brother we love your family. Again, a really really good and wonderful happy birthday for you today.

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