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‘Without Jesus, You Just Have Darkness’: Melissa Joan Hart Reveals Holy Spirit ‘Lighting Bolt’

    Actress Melissa Joan Hart recently talked about her journey with faith. She had a special moment where she understood something important about God, like a light bulb turning on in her head. She used to be in TV shows and movies, but she’s more focused on her belief in God now. She goes to church and talks to God throughout her day.

    Melissa realized something new about the Holy Spirit during a Bible study. It was like a light turned on and she finally understood it. She also realized more about the Trinity, which is how Christians think about God being three parts.

    She thinks about God and talks to Him a lot. She used to feel like stopping prayer because she was scared of bad thoughts. But she realized those thoughts were from something bad, so she kept praying and the bad thoughts went away.

    Without Jesus, You Just Have Darkness': Melissa Joan Hart

    Melissa Joan Hart worked with a group called World Vision that helps people. She went to a place called Zambia and talked to people there. They were surprised that in a place like the US where things are good, some people don’t pray much. In Zambia, they pray for important things like rain for crops and health for their families.

    She learned that Jesus is like a light in the darkness and helps her when things are tough. Without Jesus, it feels like something is missing.

    Source : TBN News

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