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Who Will Write the Next Chapter | Give Him 15: Daily Prayer with Dutch Sheets 

    Who Will Write the Next Chapter | Give Him 15: Daily Prayer with Dutch Sheets : Who will write the next chapter of the bible?

    God wants to fully restore America’s spiritual purpose and destiny, our purpose as a nation is to partner with Christ just as Israel did, shining as a light to other nations, our divine calling is to spread the word about Jesus Christ from this shores till the end of the earth. Some people don’t like the fact that we are called to do this.

    This calling has been in jeopardy, instead of being the leaders of exporting the gospel; we are now the leading exporters of pornographic movies. America is literally trafficking in filth. This will one day shame us. We experiment on aborted babies and sell their body parts without shame, referring to them as fetal tissue, this and many more is now a part of American history, this madness must stop, we are writing a nauseating history, one over which our children and grand children will weep.

    Jesus said to Jerusalem, you did not recognise the time of your visitation. Although the word visitation does not clearly explain what God was saying there, he was saying to Jerusalem, I came to cover you, to be your protector, I wanted to take you as a mother hen with her chicks and hide you under my wings, covering and protecting you but you didn’t recognise this.

    We in America are currently receiving the same offer that Christ was giving Jerusalem, he is giving is an opportunity to return to him and to the blessing of his loving care. His desire is to demonstrate that righteousness; not money, power or pleasure exalts a nation. Jesus is knocking on America’s door asking, will you receive me back as your shepherd and bishop, allowing me to cover protect and lead you? Ultimately, it will be the church that answers those questions because we are Gods people and as long we say yes and keep saying yes to God’s question, we would be saved as a nation.



    Proverbs 13:34

    Luke 13:34

    Luke 19:44


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