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With God On Your Side You Can’t Be Broken – Motivation

    Watch Motivation – With God On Your Side You Can’t Be Broken: God is our strength and hope. With God on our side, we have all we need. Make God your everyday companion and experience the easy life. Most of the things we struggle for are finished works of Christ but because we fail to recognize that Our Lord Jesus has taken care of everything by dying on the cross, we end up suffering , thinking that our success is dependent on our hard work.

    Today’s motivation titled With God on our side, we can’s be broken gives us assurance that with God, all things are possible and easy. With God, we have nothing to fear. Build your life around the words of God, believe in the fact that our Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross for us to be saved and to lighten our burden. Look up to God in all you do.  We can never be broken  with God on our side.

    God is our saviour, our mighty one in battle, the king of the universe. How then do you think that any harm will occur where he is present? Why do you fear difficulty and heavy burden when he has already told us in his word that we should cast our burden on him and he will make our burden light.

    Take out time to listen to sermons online, daily devotions and daily motivation, daily teachings of famous preachers, Online Sunday services in addition to constant study and meditation of the bible with ceaseless prayers and experience the strength that God gives.

    Watch Today’s Motivation – With God On Your Side You Can’t Be Broken

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