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    VICTORIA OSTEEN SERMONS GOD IS IN YOUR STORYPastor Victoria Osteen teaches us from the book of Ephesians 2:13 says this: “in Christ, you who were once far away have been brought near by the blood of Jesus.” you see, we have all been far away from God, we have all experienced bad seats, so to speak, but can I tell you this, that through the binoculars of Jesus Christ, God has drawn us near to him? he has closed the gap between God the father and us through the binoculars of Jesus Christ.

    God is an up close and personal God today, and he wants to draw you unto himself, he wants you to know that there doesn’t have to be distance between you, he wants you to know today that there may be 7 billion people on this planet, and it’s easy to think, “God, out of all these people, how do you see little old me?

    You’ve heard my prayers, God, I feel like things aren’t changing quick enough, i’m still in this situation God, have you forgotten, or can you even see me?” we’ve all had those thoughts. We’ve all felt that doubt, but that doesn’t stop God, that doesn’t chase God off. God is right there with us, he is in our story, he is on our stage, we’ve just got to recognise that he’s as close as the very breath that we breathe, and that the distance between us has been closed through Jesus Christ. you see, some people think that they need to change their life before they can draw near to God, they need to clean up a few things, you know, sometimes just the way we live our lives makes us feel distant from almighty God, but can i tell you today that you can’t clean your own life up? you can’t bring the change that God wants to bring in your life until you realize he’s right there with you, and you accept him into your life, and you go to him daily because it’s God who works in us and through us.

    The gap has been closed, there is nothing that God cannot do for you through Jesus Christ, there’s no mess that you made that he can’t help you clean up, there’s nothing on the inside of you that would make you distant from God. you see, he loves you just the way you are in fact, the bible says, “when we were still sinners, we were far away because that gap was full of sin. He came to us through Jesus Christ”, he came to us, and we didn’t come to him. Today, he’s with you, he’s drawing you don’t let anything stand between you and God the father, he wants a relationship with you today it’s as easy as that.

    Every single day, no matter what we’re carrying, no matter what we feel, no matter what we did, he still wants a relationship with you.

    Pastor Victoria Osteen teaches us today, that God is always present in our lives; he is available to us every single day.


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