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Victoria Osteen Sermon : Be Faithful With The Small Things

    Victoria Osteen Sermon Be Faithful With The Small Things – The wife of the famous preacher and senior pastor of Lakewood church, Joel Osteen  has shared this great and inspiring sermon titled ”Be Faithful With The Small Things”.

    In this sermon by Victoria Osteen, she teaches us the fundamental importance of being faithful with what we have no matter how small it is. According to Victoria Osteen, today she is being reminded that God starts small. God takes the small and goes big. God has a way of doing things with seeds that multiply.

    God told the people of Israel in the book of Deuteronomy , little by little , I am going to decrease your enemies so that you can increase and take possession of the entire promise.

    Today God wants to increase you. That which you think is too small and insignificant, God wants to increase it. But before this, you must show ability to manage the small. God will increase the little you have after you have proven to be capable of managing the little you have.

    Many of us know the story in Mathew 4 , when Jesus was preaching the multitude who have been with him all day. The Disciples came to him and said, Lord, the people have been here and they have not eaten all day and it is starting to become evening , they need to go and find food. Please would you release them so they could go and find food to eat. We do not have enough food to feed them. Jesus replied, it is not necessary for me to release the people . You feed them. The Disciples then said, we do not have enough to feed them. We only have 5 loaves and two fishes, Jesus asked them to bring the little they had, he blessed it and asked them to share it. Jesus took the little they had and made them go big.

    In a nutshell, Victoria Osteen is telling us in this sermon that God wants to move with us to grow big. All we need is to manage the little you have and you will go big with God. God is capable of increasing us with the little we have always.

    credit for Victoria Osteen sermon titled ”Be Faithful With The Small Things” : Joel Osteen Youtube


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