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Victoria Osteen Sermon : An Up Close And Personal God

    Victoria Osteen Sermon An Up Close And Personal God :  The senior Pastor and wife of the lead pastor of Lakewood Church, Pastor Victoria Osteen has come through with this amazing and life changing sermon titled ” An Up Close And Personal God”. 

    This is another Lakewood Church sermon filled with highly inspiring and motivational words and lessons that you will enjoy listening to.

    Preachiing on this Joel Osteen Ministries sermon, Pastor Victoria Osteen said, God is not ashamed of you. He knows everything about you, and He’s reaching out to you with love.

    This sermon by Victoria Osteen is centered on the incredible relationship we can have with God. She began her sermon by emphasizing that God is an up close and personal God, and that He is always available to us.

    Victoria urged her listeners to recognize that having a close relationship with God is possible and encouraged them to draw near to Him. She encouraged them to talk to God like they would talk to a friend, to thank Him for the good in their lives and to look to Him for guidance.

    Joel Osteen’s wife, Victoria defined prayer as talking to God, not just talking at Him. She reminded her listeners that they can talk to God about anything—their joys, their sorrows, their hopes, their dreams, their fears and their everyday needs. She encouraged her listeners to take time for prayer, to be still and quiet, and to listen for God’s voice.

    Victoria emphasized that being an up close and personal God means that God knows us intimately and deeply. He knows every detail of our lives, and He is with us in every situation. She reminded her listeners that in times of trouble, God is close and He is ready to comfort and strengthen us.

    Pastor Victoria Osteen concluded this sermon by reminding her listeners that through prayer, we can develop an intimate, up close and personal relationship with God. She reminded her listeners that when we invite God into our lives, He will show us the way, provide us with strength and guidance, and be with us each and every day.

    kindly watch and learn from this ”Victoria Osteen Sermon An Up Close And Personal God and as you do so, may God bless his words in your heart and grant you all your heart desires.

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    Watch  Victoria Osteen Sermon An Up Close And Personal God

    Video Credit : Joel Osteen Youtube

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