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Unhealthy Ways of Escape : Steven Furtick Sermon 7 September 2021

    Unhealthy Ways of Escape Steven Furtick Sermon 7 September 2021 – There is nothing you are fighting against today that someone did not already fight against.

    When we are tempted, we think we are the only ones that going through such, the only one that cannot get over that. Brethren that is not the case. Many are going through same. All that is needed is grace. You should not be ashamed of your need for grace.

    It is one thing to be trapped into a situation, it is another thing to feel trapped inside of yourself. Most times when we feel trapped by a situation, we tend to look for escape route. There is nothing new in what you are facing and God is greater than what you are facing, he is greater  than everything that is holding you and not letting you go.  God always has someone in a position to meet the needs of his people. God is going to take care of us. God will never allow us go in vain. Call upon the Lord in times of need. There is no escape rout from the Lord apart from recourse to the Lord our savior. The closer we are to God, the better and easier it is for us to escape and withstand any situation or temptation.

    Sometimes the places you go to escape will become the place you will get enslaved. For instance it may be that you are escaping for survival, you escape to a relationship that is not good for you. Despite knowing that the relationship is not good for you either because the person is abusive, is drawing you down or not going in the same direction, you remain in the relationship just to avoid loneliness. In this case, where you have escaped to will become your place of slavery.

    ”There is a need that Egypt meets, there is a need that is met. There is a longing that is fulfilled. When I go  outside of God to meet a God-given need, it works. See, that is the problem. It gets you out for a little while. It works until it doesn’t. it works until it gets old . It works until it fries the neural pathways and now it doesn’t work anymore. And now I am chasing something something that doesn’t deliver and I want a way out. So Paul says, now you have to back all the way up to Egypt.

    Remember the Red sea that God brought his people through? Has God ever brought you out of anything? I mean out of something deep, out of depression, out of darkness, etc.  Brethren, Our God is capable of bringing us out of anything and anywhere. There is nothing that we are facing or that we will ever face that God is not greater than. Our only perfect escape route is God. No other way, no other route, no other source.

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