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Michael Todd – Sunday Service August-29-2021 Live Stream

    Join Transformation church Sunday service at 11AM with Michael Todd, Live Stream (August-29-2021).

    The blessing that comes with having fellowship with God is immense. The first step to wisdom is knowing, believing and acknowledging the existence of God the almighty . Michael Todd is one of the great and famous preachers of the gospel of God in our present day society. Being a famous preacher of the good news and  a seasoned and senior pastor of Transformation Church, Michael Todd has taken up the responsibility and job of winning souls for Christ Jesus through the preaching of the Gospel to the world. In an effort to ensure that the gospel is spread to the world, the Transformation Church brings to you every Sunday live Michael Todd Sunday service streaming to help believer all over the world have a fellowship with Our Lord Jesus Christ. Michael Todd ministries is here again with a deeper dimension of the word of God. In line with the name of Michael Todd’s ministry  “THE TRANSFORMATION CHURCH”, billions worldwide have ben transformed  in their personal life and lives towards others, their businesses  and in all other aspects of life and thus walking on the path of righteousness as they tune in every Sunday at the Transformation Church to watch live Sunday services with Michael Todd.

    Keep tuned with ,Join the Transformation Church Live Sunday service with Michael Todd every Sunday right here in this website as we bring to you live coverage of every activities in Transformation church.  The fundamental vision of Transformation church is to win souls for Christ, transform the world in line with the doctrine and commandments of God. Live stream of transformation church activities are made available to ensure the gospel is spread to the whole world. Remember that as a true Christian, as fuel is to engine, so is the gospel is to you as a human. Constantly feed yourself with the word of God that you may know him, understand him and share in the abundant blessings that come with fellowship with God. Live every day of your life as if that will be the last day. Look up to God both in times of problem and times of satisfaction. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and life.

    Stream and watch Transformation Church Live Sunday Service with Michael Todd.

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