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Toure Roberts’ son Isaiah Robert Celebrates 21st Birthday

    It was a moment of love and celebration as Toure Roberts’s son, Isaiah Roberts marks his 21st birthday.

    Toure Robert, an author and co-pastor at One Church and the husband of Sarah Jkes Roberts , took to Instagram on Monday to celebrate his son, whom he described as an “extraordinary soul, with immense talent and creativity, wisdom beyond your years, a golden heart, and an undeniable anointing.”


    Sharing a video clip of Isaiah excitedly blowing out his birthday candles he wrote “Sending big love and celebration to my son @isaiahtroberts as he celebrates his milestone 21st birthday today”

    Robert further divulged being proud of his son. He also praised his manifold gifts and potential to bless the world.

    “You’ve been blessed with manifold gifts to bless the world with and I’m so proud of the young man you are. I look forward to watching you bloom and your tree grow strong and abundant in fruit,” he wrote.

    Similarly, Isaiah’s stepmother, Sarah Jakes Roberts, celebrated him in an Instagram post. Goshing over his unique personalities in a statement shared on her Instagram, she went on to assure him of her unwavering support.
    “You are as generous as you are talented. You are as compassionate as you are wise, you are as brilliant as you are handsome. Your potential is as limitless as your gifting. I may not have been there for your beginning, but I will stand proudly by you until my end,” Sarah wrote.

    She further admitted that Isaiah gave her the impression to forge ahead in marrying his father. “I knew I loved your dad, but the assurance that we could build a life together came when I met you. Your heart made me feel at home when I first found my way to LA.”

    “Your life was God winking to me that I’d be safe to trust love again. You were the first bond I had outside of loving your dad, and I cherish the many ways God has allowed me to love and support you,” she added.

    Isaiah is a christian artist and a member of Generation One, a group of individuals who share authentic conversations, impactful stories, and testimonies.

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