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The Power of the Blood Covenant – Bishop T.D. Jakes

    The Power of the Blood Covenant – Bishop T.D. Jakes : At the Last Supper, when Jesus broke the bread and blessed the cup, His disciples were thinking about Passover and the emancipation God provided. It was only after Christ paid the ultimate price for our freedom that they understood the full implications.

    You can’t do enough to earn the blessings of God. Just step into them! God has given you grace and blessed you with a gift, but it requires stewardship. Are you reflecting His glory? Freedom is a bloody business, and Jesus shed His for you. Take up the cup and be free!

    Don’t miss this amazing teaching session by Bishop TD Jakes. Build your life with the word of God and you shall be like the rock. May the word of God forever refresh your soul and strengthen through Christ Our Lord. Amen

    Watch The Power of the Blood Covenant by Bishop T.D. Jakes

    Video credit : TD Jakes Youtube

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