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The Inner Life Sermon: The Inner Life

    The Inner Life Sermon The Inner Life: We should be much more concerned with our inner life than we are with our outer life, don’t be overly impressed by outward things and don’t judge people by their appearance either good or bad.

    The bible warns us against that in first Samuel 16:6-7, when God had instructed for a new king to be anointed it says when they had come, he looked on eliab, so all the sons of Jesse, were brought in for a new king to be anointed and there were some good-looking guys there, they didn’t even bother to ask David to come in, we never can tell what it was that they thought of him but it wasn’t too highly.

    God knew him, the question is, do you want a bunch of people to know you and admire you or you want God to know you and admire you, which is the most important?

    So it says, when they had come in he looked on eliab the eldest son and said well, surely this is the lord’s anointed, wonder what made him think that, he must have looked good maybe he’d been maybe he was tall, maybe he was tanned from working out in the sun, surely this is the lord’s anointing but the lord said to Samuel, look not on his appearance nor at the height of his stature, for the lord sees not as man sees, man looks on the outward appearance but the lord looks on the heart.

    That’s why God will use some people and you just cannot figure out why in the world, God would use them or especially like when somebody tells you their little dream and vision, they have gotten from God and you are like yeah well you got a vivid imagination but that is not going to happen.

    Joyce Meyer said When God speaks to you, he gives you a gift of faith, to believe something but the people that you want to encourage you, they don’t get it, because they don’t have that same faith that God gave you.

    So when you feel like God wants to use you to do something, don’t expect everybody around you to encourage you because they don’t get it and they’re going to see you the way you’ve always been, not the way you can be. well the thing was is they were right the point is when God anoints you, you can achieve it all.

    We’re looking at people and deciding at a glance and we don’t know anything at all about them, you know Jesus is a king and a king should get to rule over his kingdom and you know even his own disciples were always saying well when are you going to establish your kingdom, is it going to be in Jerusalem is it, going to be here is it going to be there?

    But the bible says that Jesus made himself of no earthly reputation, he just followed the holy spirit and did some stuff that people thought were just looney tunes, they didn’t understand him at all, his own family didn’t understand him, he was judged and criticized, but he had a good reputation in heaven and he was able to help a lot of people, our outer life is our reputation with people but our inner life is our reputation with God.




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