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A reminder on How Sarah Jakes Roberts Celebrated Teya Roberts On Her Birthday

    Teya Hunter Roberts Birthday :Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts has celebrated Teya Hunter Roberts on her birthday in a very special way. The pastor of The Potters House At One LA and the wife of Pastor Toure Roberts took to Instagram to celebrate Teya and wrote:

    “I remember dating your dad, looking at your photos, and already believing I could love you. I had no way of knowing just how blinded my heart would be by the gift of your light.

    You, my love, are subtle yet powerful like an earthquake. When an earthquake begins its just a slight tremor then suddenly you realize you aren’t imagining things and the earth is truly shaking. That’s how I see you in everything you do. From singing, writing, directing, planning, feeling, laughing, and dancing everything you do begins so subtly, until it’s filled your environment with your undeniable essence.

    You are my favorite 90s baby trapped in a Gen Z-ers body. My fellow (lowkey) Ivy Park stan. The girl who put me on Pat McGrath. Ella’s ultimate hype woman (and reason she’s surely going to get grounded one day). My partner in side-eye and warrior in worship.

    No wonder I looked at your photo and thought I could love you. That was just a tremor. Now I live in the aftermath of you and there’s no place I’d rather be than in your corner.

    Happy Birthday to you Earthquake Teya! I love you more than you’ll ever know. @theteyahunter”

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