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Terri Savelle Foy: How To Achieve Impossible Dreams

    Terri Savelle Foy How To Achieve Impossible Dreams : Terri Savelle Foy of Terri Savelle Troy Ministries  shares this video session titled “How To Achieve Impossible Dreams | My 5 Step Formula For Achieving Impossible Looking Dreams” where she says that when God puts a dream in your heart, it’s always impossible. She said the vision always comes first and the provision comes second. You never have the money before the dream. You never have the connections, the open doors, the favorable opportunities before the dream.

    The daughter of Jerry Savelle said that this is why our dreams require faith. She went further to make reference to the bible verse which says it’s impossible to please God without faith.

    She reminded us that God’s word says we serve a God who gives life to the dead, and He speaks of nonexistent things as if they exist. Terri said you should announce your dream and act like you have your dream.

    Watch and learn from this new video session by Terri Savelle Foy: “How To Achieve Impossible Dreams” and stay tuned as we continue to bring you the latest messages from Terri Savelle Troy Ministries and other famous pastors and ministries wordwide.


    About Terri Savelle Foy:

    Terri Savelle Foy is the daughter of the famous preacher Jerry Savelle and  a world-class motivator who teaches that if you can dream it, God can do it.

    Through personal experience and proven results, she is helping people discover how to develop vision, confidence and discipline that will lead them into God’s perfect plan for their lives.

    Terri Savelle Foy’s teachings center on how to achieve dreams even when they seem impossible .

    For More about Terri Savelle Foy, Visit her official website

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