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The Blood Speaks – TD Jakes Sermon

    TD Jakes Sermon The Blood Speaks – We do not find God, God Finds God and us is solely responsible for our redemption. If we think we are in charge of our redemption, then when the enemies wage war against us, we have to fight for our selves by ourselves. We have to understand that salvation is Gods victory.

    The bible said sing unto the lord a new song for he has done marvellous things, sin tries to separate us from God always, when the voice of God was moving through the garden, and saw that Adam had sinned, he gave them the bloody skin of an animal which had Been sacrificed to cover up their nakedness. This shows Gods responsibility in the redemptive process.

    God taught Adam that sin issues had to be dealt with by the shedding of blood, Not by being a good person or tithe paying or being good, but redemption must be earned by blood. The shedding of the blood of Jesus Christ has redeemed us all. The blood of Jesus Christ, has given us the right to the tree of life. The greatest thing God provided for us was shedding his blood and giving us the right to per take in eternal life and this is what we should be happy and grateful about today.

    The enemy wants us to rejoice over things they can take, they want us to rejoice over a car so that they can give it a flat tire, they want us to rejoice over material things which can easily be snatched from us, but if we rejoice in the God of our salvation then we have put our joy in a place that cannot be compromised.


    Bible verses for this teaching

    Genesis 4 1-10


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