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    TD JAKES SERMON COPING WITH DYSFUNCTION AND ENABLERS : Pastor T.D Jakes says, We all have a thing that affects every other thing in our life whether it’s a mouth or a temper or a doubt or an attitude or a disorder, one thing that you know about yourself that limits your movement, your activity, your growth, your opportunity, that stops you, that brings you to your knees and in spite of everything else can take you down, one thing being broken in your life, can take you down that’s why it’s not good to turn up your nose and start talking about people because everybody got something that don’t work right.


    Pastor T.D Jakes said, i’m a preacher today everybody got something that don’t work right, it might not be obvious, it might be covered, it might be camouflaged, it might be camouflaged by the accruements of your success or your accolades or your degrees or your finances or your beauty until people don’t notice that you’re beautiful but you just a little bit crazy, that you can quote all of the bible but you have trouble living certain parts.


    Are you honest enough to admit that something don’t work right, I’m good at speaking in front of people but I’m bad at handling money, I’m great at having money but I can’t stand to be around people everybody has something in their life that affects everything else because life keeps asking you to function in the way that you don’t function.


    What happens when you have to function in a way that you don’t function, you create a way of coping with what you can’t correct and so what we do is set in place a coping mechanism that is built around our dysfunction, blind people do it moving furniture around to fit blind people, handicapped people do It, putting bars in the bathroom so that you can move from the wheelchair and move over to the seat, everybody has a way of making adjustments in their life to accommodate their deficiencies little ways of doing things.


    Pastor Jakes said, I knew when I wanted to get married that i could not safely marry a mouthy woman, so every mouthy woman that dated me I said not her, not her because i don’t want to be locked up with bobo not her. you have to know what don’t work right in, i’m not against mouthing women, it’s just not for me cause that’s a trigger for me.


    you don’t hire a child molester to work in paediatrics, when you know that something that worked in your life you make certain adjustments to accommodate your issues, so that you can be in an atmosphere where at least you can survive. Pastor T.D Jakes tells us that, we have got to stop saying what’s wrong with them and look in the mirror and say hey what’s wrong with me and only when we have looked into ourselves shall we find the solution.

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