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    TB Joshua (January-20-2021) Watch Message: HOW TO RECEIVE THE NEW ANOINTING WATER!

    How does one receive the faith tools of the New Anointing Water and New Anointing Stickers for 2021? Be blessed as you listen to this important message from Prophet TB Joshua in a special broadcast from the Emmanuel TV Studios in Lagos, Nigeria.

    “Viewers, the manner in which we receive the New Anointing Water and the New Anointing Sticker matters. I give it to you freely, for the salvation of your soul. Give it to others freely as you have received – for the salvation of their soul… Once any selfish intention or motive is involved – that is, if money exchanges hands in whatever way – the anointing in the bottle will go away, leaving only ordinary water in the bottle… Viewers, don’t be deceived. To get it to you costs nothing. No shipping or posting costs. The Anointing Water is God’s gift to us. What it costs to get to you is our own contribution.” – TB Joshua.


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