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    Taylor Madu is an Instagram star, blogger and gospel artist. She is married to Robert Madu and also a mother of three children named Evie,  Nnaji and Remi. She is the facilitator of Hope Mansion.


    Taylor Madu was born on August 26, 1988 in El Dorado, Arkansas, United states. She has 2  siblings of which she is the youngest. Taylor Madu’s mom was a stay at home mom. Her father, on the other hand, was an evangelist who travelled all over the place. Having an Evangelist as a father contributed greatly in Taylor’s development of interest in the spread of the gospel.

    Taylor Madu


    Growing up was all fun for Taylor until the age of 7 when her parents divorced. She struggled through a very difficult, painful and lonely life, looking for how and where to find rest. According to Taylor, she and her siblings all handled the situation differently but one thing was in common and that was the fact that they clung to each other, feeling like they were all they had.

    In the midst of the chaos and dysfunction, they discovered that one of their siblings was abused by a close friend of the family and this rendered them divastated. At this point, her mom whom she has always thought was unstoppable and unbreakable suffered an emotional breakdown.

    The talented blogger and instagram Influencer, Taylor Madu got into a relationship at the age of 15 in which she lost her virginity and got pregnant at the age of 17. She did all she could to sustain the relationship, being not ready to lose another person she loves. Despite seeing the need to quit the relationship, she felt trapped having the man’s child. Unfortunately all her efforts to make the relationship to work was fruitless.

    Seven months into the relatiosnhip, Talor Madu was taken to the hospital for delivery through cesarean section. The operation was successful, however, the child couldn’t make it. Waking up on the hospital bed to realize she had lost her child and her both parents sitting beside her bed, she wept bitterly , like her life has just ended.

    Taylor Madu

    After this event, Taylor refused to be broken down. According to her, at age 18 she packed up everything she owned and left for Texas, never looking back. Texas holds a special place in her heart; It is where she met her heartthrob and husband Robert Madu whereby starting her journey not just as a wife but also a mother. She is content with being a mother of 3, a pastor and an instagram influencer.

    Aside being a wife and mother, she finds joy in spreading the gospel even through her social media handles. She also heads social Dallas and social girls, where people gather to know more about the gospel and commune as a body of Christ. Taylor is a lover of God and has a passion to draw people close to God.


    Taylor Madu was born on August 26, 1988, making her 34 years of age as of 2022.

    Celebrationg her 34th birthday on the 26th Birthday, his husband, Pastor Robert Madu took to instagram to share:


    Taylor is happily married to her husband Pastor Robert Madu. They got married on the 24th of August 2012. They couple dated for six years before they tied the knot in their 7th year.

    Taylor Madu Husband Robert Madu

    Taylor an Robert Madu met after Taylor moved to Dallas TX. They met the first time in an occasion where Robert was invited to preach and got introduced to each other by someone who happens to be a mutual friend.

    Their marriage is blessed with 3 children named ; Evie, Nnaji and Remi.

     Robert and Robert Madu

    Celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary, the instagram influencer Taylor Madu took to instagram to share :


    Still on the spirit of 10 years wedding anniversary celebration, her husband Robert Madu also took to instagram to share:


    Inasmuch as Taylor is presently a sit at home mom, She is a facilitator of Hope Mansion, a Non-Profit Organization established with the mission to break the chain of generational poverty and hopelessness by providing women in crisis with a loving, structured, residential environment, as well as the necessary time, resources, and support for them and their babies to become productive and well-balanced citizens.

    It should also be pointed out that Taylor is also an artist. In 2014, she dropped her first single, You are Life, . According to Taylor, the song is inspired by the purpose for which Hope mansion was established. All the proceed of the Song went to Hope Mansion.

    Taylor Madu is a blogger ”” and an instagram influencer.


    As earlier stated, Taylor has always had interest to preach to people. As a matter of fact, her life alone is a full testimony and topic to be preached on. Some of her spirit lifting sermons include;

    • Scars
    • Get Your Mind Right
    • Rhythms of Rest
    • Watch Your Mouth
    • Inspired

    As of 2022 Taylor Madu net worth is recorded to be $14 million.

    Her source of income can be traced to instagram influencing and blogging.


    Taylor can be found or followed by her social media handles:

    Instagram; @ taylormadu

    Facebook: @lifeoftaylormadu

    Twitter: @taylormadu

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