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T.D. Jakes Sermons: This is Not the Time to Lose Your Head

    T.D. Jakes Sermons This is Not the Time to Lose Your Head : The lead pastor of Potter’s House Church Dallas and founder of TD Jakes Ministries, Bishop TD Jakes has come through with this wonderful and inspiring sermon titled ”This is Not the Time to Lose Your Head”.

    Be rest assured hat this is one of the sermons by TD Jakes that you cannot afford to miss.

    Have you ever had a moment when you realized that what you believed was real was only your imagination – or when you discovered that a “truth” was more fiction than fact? Have you heard the phrase, “It’s all in your head”?

    In this sermon, T.D. Jakes gets into the head games that the devil likes to play, and how we should protect ourselves so that we can survive the battle and enjoy the blessings. For this revelatory message, T.D. Jakes references Ephesians 6, which speaks about the armor of God, and focuses on one essential element, the helmet of salvation.

    Speaking of spiritual warfare, T.D. Jakes offers this insight: Blessings do not come without a battle, but the level of the battle is an indication of the level of the blessing. It’s important, therefore, to be prepared for the fight so you can step into victory.

    The armor of God is absolutely necessary for this. You must be ready to stand against the enemy’s tactics, one of his favorites being to mess with your head. The devil often tries to convince us against what we already know is true.

    This is when we might see our feelings struggling against the knowledge of God or our minds being consumed by worries, doubts, what-ifs, and if-onlys. Rather than being ruled by feelings and false narratives, we must put on the helmet of salvation and be governed by the Word, protected by the truth. This is how we can win the battle and reap the blessings.

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    Video credit : TD Jakes Ministries Youtube

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