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Sarah Jakes Roberts finally appreciates her father TD Jakes, promises to make him more proud as she shares a throwback picture with him

    T.D Jakes passes torch to Sarah Jakes Roberts : Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts has taken to instagram to appreciate her father Bishop TD Jakes while reminding him that her plan is to continuously make him proud.

    It would be recalled that Bishop TD Jakes recently passed the torch to Sarah Jakes Roberts while merging Woman Thou Art Loosed (WTAL) with Women Evolve founded by Sarah Jakes Robert. The passing of torch to Sarah Jakes came with a lot of annointing and promises to her from her dad.

    TD Jakes paases the torch to Sarah Jakes Roberts

    In appreciation of what her father Bishop TD Jakes has done and is still doing for her, Pastor Sarah Jakes took to instagram to share a very old picture of herself and her dad, reminding her dad of hpow it all started and assuring him that she is going to forever make him proud.

    Appreciating her father, Pastor Sarah Jakes took to instagram to write:

    Being your little girl was never about a baton…

    What I wanted more than anything was to make you proud. This photo was taken long before there were any wounds that would become scars. This was before the walls formed that blocked my mind and heart from trusting I could still have worth, value, and love.

    I thought I’d overcome those pains. Though sometimes with a limp, I thought I’d moved on. This weekend the little girl who felt publicly ashamed was publicly restored. You said all the words I didn’t know I needed to hear and then you trusted my heart and my hands with your life’s work.

    I didn’t have the words then, but I found some that will have to do for now.

    Thank you, daddy.

    Thank you for not just having my back, but believing that I could have yours too. I promise to be obedient to God, sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and wise with every soul. I vow to lead with humility, purity, and love. I promise to never need the crowd more than I need God. I promise to stay committed and connected in good times and bad. I promise to keep Jesus at the center and to go into all the world.

    I promise that you’ll see those 30 years as seed and my heart as good ground. I promise to seek the kingdom first and always. I promise to walk away with strength when it’s time for me to move from being in the ring to being a coach.

    Thank you for leading by example. I will love you forever and always @bishopjakes….

    P. S. Idk why I chose this photo. I just think there’s something about it being written in our history that our destiny was to be ride or dies. ❤️


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