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T.D. Jakes’ daughter releases second book on overcoming obstacles

    The daughter of Bishop TD Jakes, Cora Jakes Coleman in her effort to maintain the foot step of her father Bishop TD Jakes, has released a second book on Overcoming Obstacles. Recall that Bishop T.D Jakes is the founder of TD Jakes Ministries and Potter’s House Church Dallas as well as New York Times bestselling author.

    Already a preacher, spiritual advisor to numerous celebrities and director of the Children’s Ministry at The Potter’s House Church of Dallas, Coleman shares her personal journey with infertility, loss, depression and insecurity in her upcoming book, “Ferocious Warrior: Dismantle Your Enemy and Rise’’ (Charisma House, July 16).

    In “Ferocious Warrior,” Coleman details how she faced and overcame difficult obstacles common to women, including infertility. Leading with faith after two failed in vitro fertilization attempts, Coleman realized her lifelong dream of becoming a mother through adoption.

    Cora Jakes Coleman, daughter of renowned author T.D. Jakes, continues to follow in her father’s footsteps by adding another accomplishment to her professional career. Alongside her roles as a preacher, spiritual advisor to celebrities, and director of the Children’s Ministry at The Potter’s House Church of Dallas, Coleman has now released her second book, “Ferocious Warrior: Dismantle Your Enemy and Rise” (Charisma House, July 16), where she shares her personal journey of overcoming obstacles.

    In this compelling book, Coleman chronicles her experiences with infertility, loss, depression, and insecurity. Drawing from her own life, she reveals how she confronted and conquered the challenges commonly faced by women, including her struggles with infertility. Through unwavering faith and resilience, Coleman ultimately fulfilled her dream of motherhood through adoption, becoming the proud mother of a girl and a boy.

    In “Ferocious Warrior,” Coleman delves into the depths of her battles with depression and insecurity, emerging victorious. The book also serves as a guide for readers, particularly women, on how to pray with faith. Coleman candidly shares her heartache after losing a foster son she deeply loved, but highlights how God used that pain as a catalyst for healing and growth. She emphasizes that despite heartbreak, there is always a divine plan, even when it may not be immediately apparent.

    With her reputation as a powerful prayer warrior, capable of moving audiences to tears, Coleman imparts valuable strategies to readers, enabling them to identify the tactics of the enemy and overcome obstacles that hinder personal breakthroughs. Step-by-step instructions on implementing the five principles of prayer are provided, and each chapter concludes with powerful prayers that guide readers in seeking exactly what they desire from God. Through her inspiring words, Coleman encourages readers to transform pain into motivation, propelling them to new heights in all aspects of life, including career, relationships, and love.

    Despite facing numerous challenges, Cora Jakes Coleman exemplifies the mindset of a warrior, demonstrating how to triumph over even the most formidable fights. Her book offers profound insights and practical advice, empowering readers to embrace their inner strength and emerge victorious in their own life battles.

    Ferocious Warrior: Dismantle Your Enemy and Rise’’ will be released on July 16 and can be pre-ordered on

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