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Sunday Live Service For October 10 2021 At Cornerstone Church

    Sunday Live Service for October 10 2021 at Cornerstone Church  – We are happy to bring to you today this wonderful and unique Sunday Live service at Cornerstone church featuring  Pastor John Hagee.

    Join and partake in this Live Sunday service at Cornerstone Church with Pastor John Hagee.

    This Live service is a unique one as it will be filled with praises, worships and inspiring sermons .

    The senior pastor of Corner stone church, John Hagee has changed the lives of many people in the United States of America and beyond through his daily sermons, bible teachings, daily devotional,  and lifestyle generally.

    Inviting all to this Sunday service, Cornerstone church wrote on Instagram:

    ‘Tomorrow morning Pastor Matt is beginning a new sermon series titled “Conquering the Crisis.” Services begin at 8:30am and 11am, be sure to join us in person or online on social media.”

    Watch and learn from this “Sunday Live Service For October 10 2021 At Cornerstone Church” and stay tuned as we bring to you the latest Sunday messages from Churches worldwide every Sunday.

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