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Steven Furtick Sermon: When Your Thoughts Attack

    Steven Furtick Sermon When Your Thoughts Attack: this is why you should stop hanging out with some certain people. When you realize that you catch what you are close to, you will have a re think of the kind of people you hang around. Now if you need to take out your phone at this point in my sermon and do some surgery with that “swipe left, delete” move, Some of y’all don’t need to lift your hands to have more faith; you need to swipe your thumb, because it is your contacts.

    I caught something, I catch something every time I’m around them, every time I scroll, I noticed this the other day, I get in a certain mood, and I can’t figure out, “How was I so happy three minutes ago, and now…?” Have you ever had it switch that quickly? I started studying, and I realized that before I caught a feeling, I caught a thought. Sometimes that thought is just me going through my feed, and I will see something that won’t register.

    Pastor Steven  Furtick tells us that we may not feel it while we are scrolling, just like you don’t feel sick in the process of overfeeding, your taste buds didn’t tell you to stop. So you are scrolling, and you don’t feel sick until after you have stopped.Some us understand that sometimes you are mad about something that you saw 10 minutes ago on your phone because you were in everybody else’s life but your own, trying to figure out, “Am I better than them? Or Are they better than me?”

    What happened while I was scrolling, I saw them on vacation, and I know they’re in debt, so I caught a thought of judgment, “Why should they be on vacation when I know they’re in debt?” Now I feel sick 10 minutes later because of a thought I caught while I scrolled through somebody else’s situation that has nothing to do with my responsibility. What happened to me was I caught a thought of offense, and then I reaped an attitude of frustration. I got offended the other day because I saw God blessing somebody he wasn’t supposed to bless.

    Did you ever watch God just do something awesome for the wrong person? He didn’t consult you. So I found myself feeling insecure. I felt insecure in myself is because I caught a thought of offense about somebody else. Now here’s what happens: You become a victim of your own judgment. When you judge others that way, you judge you that way. So when you catch a thought of judging others, don’t be surprised when the judgment comes upon you.

    Sometimes we must trace the weakness of my faith, and I ask myself the question, “Where did that thought come from?” It’s important where it came from, because where it comes from determines where it leads to. Because, the enemy tries to deceive us always, He knows he can’t take what God gave you, but if he can get you to catch a thought that opposes it, he can keep you so weak you will not walk into it.




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