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Pastor Steven Furtick Sermon: Struggling With A Weary Soul

    Steven Furtick Sermon Struggling With A Weary Soul: Pastor Steven Furtick of the elevation church shares this sermon and message of truth titled “Struggling With A Weary Soul” .

    In this sermon by the lead pastor of Elevation church Steven Furtick, he teaches that just because you’re weary, doesn’t mean you’re weak. This is an excerpt from “Same Devils, New Levels.” Herein, he teaches that once you begin to understand that the Devil is not creative, God is, you can more easily discern when he’s bringing a different flavor of the same temptation into your life in a different season.

    He said that it is important, because otherwise, you will become like David: exhausted,  trying to fight every new devil. Once you recognize, “This is the same fear that’s making me drink too much that earlier in my life was a part of how I grew up,” or once you realize, “This is the same fear that’s making me push people away…” Here’s what happens, though. It’s the same stuff we deal with; the world, the flesh, the Devil. The world is the   system, the flesh is the pattern, and the Devil is that other thing we can’t exactly pinpoint on a person.

    Watch, listen and meditate on this sermon by Pastor Steven Furtick: “Struggling With A Weary Soul” and be rest assured that the word of God herein will make a positive impact in your life. Henceforth , you shall begin to encounter positive turn around. Pease share and comment in the comment box and also feel free to request for any particular sermon. Stay tuned as we update you with latest sermons and teachings from pastors round the world.

    Credit: Steven Furtick YouTube

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