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Steven Furtick Sermon : How To Fight Discouragement

    Steven Furtick Sermon How To Fight Discouragement : The lead pastor of Elevation church, Pastor Steven Furtick has come through with this amazing message of the gospel amd tips for a good Christian life titled ” How To Fight Discouragement”.

    Be rest assured that this is a sermon that you will enjoy listeing to as it contains a lot to be learnt.

    Preaching on this sermon, Pastor Steven Furtick started by saying that The things you feel don’t have to define who you are.

    Steven Furtick is a pastor, author, and speaker who has a reputation for delivering powerful, practical sermons that help people connect with God and overcome life’s challenges. In his sermon “How To Fight Discouragement,” Furtick provides a roadmap for dealing with one of the most common struggles that people face.

    Furtick begins the sermon by acknowledging that everyone experiences discouragement from time to time. Whether it’s a setback at work, a relationship issue, or a personal failure, discouragement can leave us feeling drained, defeated, and hopeless. However, Furtick emphasizes that we don’t have to let discouragement control us.

    Furtick offers several practical strategies for fighting discouragement. First, he suggests that we need to recognize and acknowledge our feelings of discouragement, rather than trying to push them aside or ignore them. He argues that when we’re honest with ourselves about our struggles, we can begin to take proactive steps to address them.

    Second, Furtick encourages his listeners to remember their past victories and accomplishments. He points out that when we’re feeling discouraged, it’s easy to forget the times when we’ve overcome challenges and achieved our goals. By reflecting on our past successes, we can build our confidence and remind ourselves that we’re capable of overcoming our current obstacles.

    Third, Furtick emphasizes the importance of community in fighting discouragement. He argues that we need to surround ourselves with supportive, encouraging people who can help us through tough times. This might include family, friends, or members of a faith community.

    Finally, Furtick encourages his listeners to turn to God for strength and guidance. He argues that when we’re feeling discouraged, we need to lean on God’s promises and trust that He is with us, even in the midst of our struggles.

    Overall, Steven Furtick’s sermon “How To Fight Discouragement” provides practical and inspiring advice for dealing with one of life’s most common challenges. By recognizing our feelings, reflecting on our past successes, seeking support from others, and turning to God for strength, we can overcome discouragement and continue to pursue our goals with confidence and purpose.

    kindly watch and learn from this Pastor Steven Furtick Sermon ”Steven Furtick Sermon How To Fight Discouragement” and as you do so, may God bless his words in your heart and grant you all your heart desires.

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    Watch Steven Furtick Sermon Youtube ”How to fight Discouragement”

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