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Steven Furtick Sermon: God’s Hand Is On You

    Steven Furtick Sermon God’s Hand Is On You: What you face is no match for our God who fights for you. In “God’s Hand Is On You,” Pastor Steven Furtick reveals that our shame doesn’t disqualify us from being used; it gives God the opportunity to do something mighty through us.

    He said, I learned a few things about God’s hand, I learned that God’s hand is provision; I learned that God’s hand is protection, But I also learned that God’s hand is power. He said, “I know that he will not let you go unless a mighty hand compels him.”

    A mighty hand, and the mighty hand of God in the judgment of the 10 plagues against Egypt was what God used to release his people into ultimate freedom, a mighty hand.

    The Lord tells Moses, “It’s not going to happen in your own strength, It’s not going to happen in your own intellect, It’s not going to happen in your own ability or your strategy, It’s not going to happen even in the leadership gifts I’ve given you, It is going to take another hand.”

    The thing about it is this is what God showed me, I was looking at the passage, and I looked at it again a few times after I preached it the other night, and the Lord said, “You missed something.” I said, “What did I miss?” He said, “You missed the other hand.” I said, “What’s the other hand?”

    Look at verse 19 He said, “I know that the king of Egypt, That’s Pharaoh, will not let you go, That means your enemy thinks he has you so strong in his grip, and he won’t let go unless there is another hand that is stronger than his hand.

    So while you feel like the Devil has you like this, You know, let’s be honest, a lot of the chains I mean there’s some real deep stuff that’s holding you in here, It’s got you like this, I mean, by the throat, It won’t let you breathe, You try to move, you can’t move, You try to move up, you can’t move up, you try to step into a new opportunity, you, can’t do it with a free heart, It’s got you so strong.

    But God said to tell you about the other hand, and this is what Moses needed to know. It’s no different for everybody in the room today, that your Father is stronger than your Pharaoh. God said, “I know where to put the pressure. See, that’s why I’m God, I’ve been doing this a long time, and I see your enemy shooting in on you, But when I use my hand, I have a mighty hand, I have a strong hand, I don’t even have to flex, I’m God.

    We must know that the same hand that brings provision also brings pressure and how God will use the pressure of life to bring us into freedom. We know it won’t let us go unless a mighty hand steps in

    Pastor Steven Furtick wants us to understand that It is a hand that we can’t always feel, You can’t always see it but it is there, it there to put pressure on our enemies and make thing go right for us.


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