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Steven Furtick Sermon : Deceitful Desires

    Steven Furtick Sermon Deceitful Desires : The lead pastor of Elevation Church, Pastor Steven Furtick has come through with this amazing and life changing sermon titled ”Deceitful Desires”.

    Don’t let your desires be distorted. In “Deceitful Desires,” we’re reminded that our desires come from God, but the enemy can twist them in order to trick us into settling for less than God’s plan.

    Steven Furtick is an American pastor and author who preaches at Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. In his sermon “Deceitful Desires”, Furtick talks about how our desires can be deceitful, and how they can lead us to temptation and sin.

    Furtick starts by talking about how we all have desires, and how they can be both beneficial and dangerous. He explains that when our desires become too powerful, they can lead us away from God’s will and towards temptation. He then goes on to talk about how even good desires, such as a desire for a good job or more money, can be deceitful if they lead us to put our trust in the world instead of in God.

    Furtick then talks about how Jesus faced temptation and overcame it by relying on God’s power. He emphasizes that we can also overcome our own temptations by relying on God’s strength. He explains that by having faith and trusting in God, we can resist the deceitful desires that lead us away from Him.

    Finally, Furtick ends the sermon by talking about how God desires to bless us, and how we need to be careful not to let our own deceitful desires guide us away from His will. He explains that by submitting to God and trusting in His plan, we can find true joy and satisfaction.

    Overall, Steven Furtick’s sermon “Deceitful Desires” was a powerful reminder of how our desires can lead us away from God’s will, and how we can rely on God’s strength to resist temptation and find true joy.

    kindly watch and learn from this Steven Furtick Sermon Deceitful Desires and as you do so, may God bless his words in your heart and grant you all your heart desires.

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