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Breaking Bad Patterns – Steven Furtick Sermon

    Steven Furtick Sermon Breaking Bad Patterns : Being tempted is not a sin, the sin is falling for the temptation. Temptations, will definitely come to us at unexpected moments of our lives, but the key is to fight the spirit of the world with the word of God. Just like Jesus did in the bible during his temptation by the devil, he told the devil “it is written”, he didn’t come up with stories to fight the temptation of hunger and pride and his senses, everything he said was already in the scriptures.   Even though the world is changing drastically, even though the people are doing things that do not glorify God, our faith and worship of God must not change, for he is the same, yesterday today and forever.

    What ever tempting situation you find yourself, you must remember that the lord who delivered you from your previous problems and challenges will definitely deliver you again, imitate the faith of Jesus, don’t copy the fear of the world.

    Before we do anything we should consider the outcome, how would you feel after you have done a particular thing, do not just act based on the moment, do not fall for temptations, they are temporary and their outcomes might be long lasting and terrible, remember always that temptations bigger than you will not befall you, hold on to the faith of Jesus and your faith in him, know your scriptures and what is written and by that you will overcome all the temptations there is.

    Bible verse for this chapter

    Matthew 4:5-7



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