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STACIE CLOUD WOOD : Biography. Age, Family, Career, Net Worth etc

    Who is Stacie Cloud Wood?

    Stacie Cloud Wood is the wife of the senior Pastor of Echo.Church Andy Wood. She is An American Preacher, a Motivational Speaker and a fitness enthusiast.

    Stacie Cloud Wood


    Pastor Stacie Cloud Wood is an American preacher, motivationals speaker, wife of Pastor Andy Wood (the founder of and the incoming lead pastor of Saddleback Church) and the senior pastor of Echo.Church.

    Stacie Wood popularly known as Stacie J. was born on the 14th of October 1981, in South Carolina in the United State of America. She grew up in an average American family.

    Stacie Cloud Wood Biography

    Stacie wood was able to encounter Christ at the very young age of her life and since then she has been living and building her life in the Christian faith.  Stacie C. Wood is not just a wife to her husband.  she is also a Preacher, a Motivational Speaker and anyone the knows Pastor Stacie well will tell you that she’s obsess about fitness and she love helping people keep fit. In 2021 Stacie Wood ran forty kilometers to mark her 40th birthday.


    Pastor Stacie C. Wood was born to her parents on the 14th of October 1981.  Accordingly, Stacie will be 41 years old by the 14th of October, 2022. Mrs Wood marks her birthday on the 14th day of October every year.

    Educational background

    Pastor Stacie Wood acquired her college degree at the University of Charleston Southern University (CSU) in her first year in Charleston.



    There is not much information about Stacie Wood’s parents especially her father but however she was very much close to her mother “Trish Cloud” . Stacie also has a younger sister who is married too.


    Pastor Stacie is happily married to Pastor Andy Wood who is the lead pastor of in South Carolina, USA and the incoming lead pastor of Saddleback Church.

    Pastor Andy Wood

    Stacie met Andy during her first year in the University of Charleston Southern University (CSU).  The duo fell in love , dated and proceeded to being engage. They  finally tied the nut in 2001. Stacie and Andy got married to each other at the age of 20 and 21 respectively. Though they spent sometime in their marriage wiithout a child, they were later blessed  with three beautiful children: Caedmon, Sammie and Karis.

    Stacie Wood children


    Pastor Stacie and her husband Andy Wood are the Leading pastors of Echo.Church. She is a Preacher and a Motivational Speaker herself.  Pastor Stacie Wood and her husband Andy founded the Church and have been pastoring and ministering there since 2009 when the church was formally called the South Bay Church before the name was latter on changed to Echo.Church in January 2018.

    As a minister’s wife, Stacie Wood has been a pillar of support to her husband and the ministry. She and her husband together have been preaching and sharing the word of God to their congregation in Echo.Church and beyond, making sure the good news of Christ reaches everyone within and outside the nation.

    In January 2018, South Bay Church changed their name to Echo.Church.

    In 2019/2020 respectively, Echo Church was listed as one of the fastest growing Churches in USA, some of the site located in Silicon Valley which seems to be one of the most ungodly and unreligious neighborhood in USA, also increase to over 2,600 regular attendees across the area of Silicon Valley.

    Not too long the senior pastor and also the founder of Saddleback Church Rick Warren has announce to the congregation and the entire public that he will be handing over Saddleback Church to Pastor Andy Wood & his wife Stacie to replaced him as the leading Pastor of SaddlebackChurch.  According to Pastor Rick Warren,  the transition will officially take place on the 12th of September 2022.

    Celebration her husband’s appointment as the next lead pastor of Saddleback church to replace Pastor Rick warren, Stacie took to instagram to share :

    Stacie Wood’s Husband Andy Wood Allegation

    on Andy Wood apppoointment as the coming lead pastor of Saddleback Church, an allegation was made against hiim by a staff of the  However,  after the Church investigations team conducted a search into the claim, the church investigation team cleared Pastor Andy after he provided them with needed documentations of what transpired between him and his former staff. The Senior Pastor and founder of Saddleback Church Rick Warren has confirmed that Andy and his wife Stacie will be replacing on the 12th September 2022 or anytime before the end of 2022.


    Stacie is not just a Pastor’s wife but she’s an inspirational preacher and a Motivational Speaker who have being teaching and ministering life changing Sermons to the people,  some of her remarkable sermons includes:

    • The Beauty In The Broken
    • What Is My Role
    • From Pain To Purpose
    • Walking Through Grief
    • The Me I See vs the Me I Want To Be
    • Embracing The New | Andy & Stacie Wood x Filipe & Mandy Santos
    • Gifts Worth Keeping
    •  DID See It Coming
    •  Better Ingredients
    •  How To Overcome Insecurity


    Information about the net worth of pastor Stacie wood is currently not available. However same will be updated here as soon as revealed. Her main source of income however, is her Pastoral work.


    Find and follow Pastor Stacie on the following social media platforms:

    Instagram: @stacie wood

    Twitter: @staciewood

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