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Shante Tribbett: Biography, Age, Family, Ministry, Career And Net Worth

    Shante Tribbett is religious leader, Life Coach, pastor,  preacher and a co-founder the OLive Church Orlando .  She is also married to a famous gospel artist Tye Tribbett who is also a pastor, song writer and gospel singer. Born and raised in Camden, New Jersey, and now living in Orlando, Florida, Shanté is the mother of two daughters, Austyn Tayler and Lyncoln Victoria.

    Shante Tribbette


    Shante Tribbett was born on born May 1st, 1979 to a sixteen year old single mother in Camden, New Jersey.   Shante was brought up by her single mother without her biological father.

    Celebrating and appreciating her mother’s effort and sacrifices , shante took to instagram to state few of the sacrifices her mother made to her and even to her Husband.

    Being brought up without a biological father caused Shanté to develop without affirmation, the sense of security, and self-worth. This void shaped a quiet personality in her, causing Shanté to experience a childhood that was rooted in the fear of not belonging.

    Shante Tribbette Biography
    Shante Tribbette

    Luckily, at the age of sixteen, she met Tye Tribbett, and after a two-year courtship they married on December 6th, 1997. Shante now Mrs Shante Tribbett who was then still in the high school, proceeded to graduate with her commercial bakers license the following year.

    Meeting with Tye Tribbett  brought about a real change in  Shante’s life and the perception she had about herself which made her to become whom she is today. Futher more,  the ups and down of life, marriage, parenting, business and ministrydeveloped  Shante into a strong woman of God.


    Being born on the 1st day of May 1979, Shante Tribbette is 43 years Old as of 2022.  Mrs Tribbett marks her birthday on the 1st of May every year.


    As  earlier stated, Shante graduated from High School in 1997 and proceeded to acquire a Commercial Baker’s License in1998.

    Shante Tribbett husband Tye Tribbett. 

    Is Shante Tribett married?

    Who is Shante Tribbett’s husband? 

    When did Shante Tribbett get married?

    Shante is happily married to her lovely husband Tye Tribbett, who is a a Pastor, Song Writer and Gospel singer.  The duo courted for about three years and finally tied the marital knot on December 6th, 1997 when Shante was just 16 years Old and still in the High School.

    Picture of Shante Tribette and Tye Tribbette
    Picture of Shante Tribette and Tye Tribbette


    Shante Tribbette’s husband, Tyrone “Tye” Tribbett was born on the 26th day of January, 1976. He is an American gospel music singer, songwriter and keyboardist. He is choir director and founder of the Grammy-nominated and Stellar Award-winning gospel group Tye Tribbett & G.A. 

    Shante Tribbette Husband Tye Tribbette
    Tye Tribbette


    Shante Tribbett Children

    Does Shante Tribett have a child?

    How many Children does Shante Tribbett have?

    Shante and Tye Tribbett’s marriage is blessed with two beautiful daughters named Lyncoln Victoria, and Austyn Taylor.

    shante Tribbette children
    shante Tribbett, husband and daughters



    Tye whose parent’s marriage ended as a result of infidelity, nearly had hs own end same way but for God’s intervention.   In 2009 Shante husband admitted having an affair with one of his choir member which almost led to their divorce, consequent uppon which he pleaded for forgiveness.

    Shante however in retaliiation went ahead to cheat with another Christian Rapper name Da T.R.U.T.H. Luckily, the parties instead f allwing this occurrence to cost them theiir marriage, they recoonciled and found their way back to each other. According to the couuples, their love iis today stronger.


    In Orlando, Florida, Shante and her husband established and formally launched “LiVe Church” in 2017. She is the leader of LiVe  Church’s women’s Ministry. She also run seminars,  round table talk show, and life coach. she’s also the convener of  “You GROW Girl campaign”.

    Shante also owns and operates the Trin, a boutique mainly for home design and décor. Mrs Tribbett has organized a numbers of performance and seminars over the last twenty years-plus, The wife of Tye Tribbett  has continued to contribute and minister to the people in her own little way because she has a heart for service.

    God has empowered Shante with the ability to assist any person she comes in contact with. ishe goes about touring the world, singing the gospel and sharing the word of God as well as  encouraging the people living in poverty by sharing her expertise via counseling, or  providing resource for friends ,family and strangers.

    Shante Tribbett of the OliVe Church has truly shown that she a woman of God with her heart for service to humanity which has earned her a place in the heart of so many people for her level of impact in their lives.


    In addition to being a preacher and life coach, Mrs Tribbett is also an eperienced author. She is popularly known with her book,  40 days Devotional journal.  This journal has the capacity to renew one’s spiritual mind. According to her the book is filled with details of her 40 days renovation process that led to her renewal and strengthening of  her spiritual mind and faith. Her desire to encourage people prompted her into writing the Journal


    Information relating to the Networth of Shante Tribbett is currently not available. This does not however mean that Mrs Tribbett has not made fortune for herself but simply because she has kept her worth private. It should however be noted that her main source of income is from her pastoral works and seminars and she also own Trin, a home design and décor boutique. We shall update what Shante Tribbette is worth here as soon as revealed.


    You can follow Shante Tribbett on folowimg social media platform,

    Instagram: @shantetribbett

    Twitter: @shanteTribbett


    She was born on the 1st May 1979 and raised by her single mother in Camden, New Jersey.

    She is married to a popular American gospel singer Tye Tribbette with who she has two daughters named Lyncoln Victoria, and Austyn Taylor.

    She got married to Tye on December 6th, 1997 when she was still 16 years old.

    She co-founded Olive Church Orlando with her husband Tye Tribbette in 2017.

    She is the author of a journal ”Renovate: A 40 Day Devotional Journal to Renew the Mind.

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