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Serita Jakes Biography, Family, Age, Net worth, Contact, Occupation, parents, children

    Serita Jakes formally known as Serita Ann Jamison is the wife of the famous preacher, author and Film maker Bishop T.D Jakes of the Potters House Church.

    Serita Jakes was born on August 5th 1955 in Beckley, West Virginia, USA. Her Ethnicity is African-American.

    Serita Jakes

    She was raised in a church, with her father being a cool miner. She lost her mother as a result of the exceedingly rare Gullain-Barre syndrome which causes paralysis.

    Serita Jakes Childhood

    As a result of Serita Jakes’s lonely and tough childhood filled with bullies as a result of her size, she went into living terrible life ranging from smoking marijuana, drinking alcohol and having sex. His brother dies of a gun shop in a local bar. Her then boyfriend was in the habit of violating and abusing her often.

    Serita Jakes Education, Professional Life/Career

    Serita jakes commenced the study of  theatre and Mass Communication in the college. However she did not complete the program as a result her brother’s death and her boyfriend’s abusive attitude.

    Serita Jakes career basically started when she got married to Bishop TD Jakes of Potters House. After their marriage, she started working with her husband in the church. Her Husband TD Jakes is a pastor, author and Film maker.

    She then published books titled ”The Princess within and ”Beside every good man”.

    TD and Serita Jakes in 1996, moved to Dallas and there founded Potter’s House Church (a non-denominational mega-church). The church featured 5000 seat auditorium, offices and staff.

    Further more, Serita Jakes and her husband in 1998 founded the Christian preparatory school called Clay Academy in Woodstock, Illinois.

    Serita Jakes automatically became a popular public speaker. She made a lot of TV appearances speaking on plethora of topics on CNN, Fox News, Oprah next  chapter and the Dr. Phil Show.

    As  part of her tremendous achievement, it will be pertinent to also mention that Serita Jakes is the founder of Potter’s House’ Debutante program and God’s leading ladies life  enrichment program.

    Serita Jakes Physical features: Height, weight , hair and eye color

    Serita Jakes is blessed with Black hair with dark brown eyes. Information regarding Serita Jakes body measurements, shapes and other peculiar sizes and shapes are for now not available

    Serita Jakes Salary and Net worth and TD Jakes Salary and Net worth 

    Serita Jakes net worth is estimated at 1- 5 Million dollars. It should also be noted that Serita Jakes husband’s net worth is approximately 147 Million Dollars.

    Serita jakes Books

    Serita Jakes published her first book, The Princess Within, in 1999. In the year 2003, Warner Faith published Jakes’ second book, Beside Every Good Man: Loving Myself While Standing By Him, and in the year 2011, she released her third book, a novel, The Crossing, which tackles such issues as domestic violence, trauma, and post-traumatic stress syndrome. Serita in this novel wrote out of experience having been a an abusive relationship in her school days

    The Princess Within has now been adapted to a teen edition for girls ages, 12-15 entitled, The Princess Within for Teens. In 2014, Serita released The Princess Within for Teens to rave reviews and awards. The revised edition addresses contemporary issues that many “tween”, as well as teen girls, experience including bullying, peer pressure, and social media. (Very much recommended for every teen).

    Serita Jakes Age

    Serita is 66 years old as of 2021.  she was born on August 19, 1955, in Beckley, West Virginia, the United States as Serita Ann Jamison. Accordingly she celebrates her birthday on August 19, every year. It may interest you to know that Bishop TD Jakes always celebrates Serita Jakes birthday in grand and romantic style.

    Serita Jakes Height

    Serita Jakes stands a few inches shorter to the height of her husband, T.D. who is  6 feet 2 ¾ inches (1.9 m) tall. Serita has not shared her height with the public.

    Serita Jakes Husband

    Serita is married to  Bishop T. D. Jakes. Serita and her husband TD Jakes got married on 29th May 1981, interestingly a year and a half after their first meeting. Serita has five children, two of whom are twins: Sarah Jakes Roberts, Jermaine Jakes, Cora Jakes Coleman, Jamar Jakes, and Thomas Jakes, Jr. Serita also has four grandchildren. Currently, Serita resides in Dallas, Texas, with her family.

    Bishop T.D Jakes

    Serita Jakes Children

    Serita is a mother of five children, two of whom are twins: Sarah Jakes Roberts, Jermaine Jakes, Cora Jakes Coleman, Jamar Jakes, and Thomas Jakes, Jr.

    Serita Jakes children

    Serita Jakes Husband T. D. Jakes Age

    T.D Jakes is 63 years old as of 2020, he was born on June 9, 1957, in South Charleston, West Virginia as Thomas Dexter Jakes and grew up in Vandalia, West Virginia. He is an American bishop, author, and filmmaker. Jakes is the bishop of The Potter’s House, a non-denominational American megachurch. Jakes’s church services as well as evangelistic sermons are broadcast on The Potter’s Touch.

    Serita Jakes Net Worth

    Serita has an estimated net worth of $1 Million to $5 Million. This includes his assets, money, and income. His primary source of income is his career as an author, speaker, and visionary. Through his various sources of income, Serita has been able to accumulate a good fortune but prefers to lead a modest lifestyle.

    Serita Jakes Measurements and Facts

    Here are some interesting facts and body measurements you should know about  Serita Jakes Birthday , place of birth, zodiac sign, birthday etc)

    • Serita Jakes Age / How Old?:  66 years old as of 2021.
    • Serita Jakes Zodiac Sign:  Leo
    • Serita Jakes Date of Birth:  August 19, 1955.
    • Serita Jakes Place of Birth:  Beckley, West Virginia, the United States.
    • Serita Jakes birthday:  August 19, every yea
    • Serita Jakes illness

      Serita Jakes and her husband, Thomas had to face a horrific car accident, six months after their marraige in 1982. In the accident, T. D. Jakes’s wife Serita sustained severe leg and foot injuries. Even doctors doubted Serita’s ability to walk again, but with constant support and encouragement from her husband T. D. Jakes, she came out victorious.

      After Serita’s recovery, her husband T. D. Jakes went through a major back surgery in 2008. During Serita’s husband’s back surgery, their spiritual daughter, Paula White lost her daughter at the age of 30 years. However, Thomas along with Serita made it to a funeral.

      Over the years Serita has gone through weight loss and believes, her husband had posted a video on mental illness on his Facebook account on 21 April 2016. T. D. Jakes’s wife then addressed at T.D. Jakes Pastors as well as Leadership Conference and urged people not to be ashamed of mental illness as it is real and needs healing physically, mentally as well as emotionally.

      Serita Jakes Weight Loss, Weight Loss Surgery

      Serita Jakes Weight Loss, Serita Loss. She knelt down, cupped her hands to her face, and Serita Weight Loss let her close to her chest. Half an hour later, she looked at the table, took another ten minutes.

      In summary, below is the frequently asked questions and answers about Serita Jakes

      Who is Serita Jakes?

      Serita Jakes is an author, speaker, and visionary. Serita serves alongside her husband, Bishop T. D. Jakes of the legendary 30,000-member Dallas-based church, The Potter’s House.

      How old is Serita Jakes?

      Serita is 66 years old as of 2021, she was born on August 19, 1955, in Beckley, West Virginia, the United States as Serita Ann Jamison.

      How tall is Serita Jakes?

      Serita’s height is not available however she is slightly shorted than her husband TD Jakes whose height is 1.9 meters

      Is Serita Jakes married?

      Serita is married to her husband Bishop T. D. Jakes.

      How much is Serita Jakes worth?

      Serita has an estimated net worth of $1 Million to $5 Million.

      How much does Serita make? Serita salary and net worth.

      Serita has an estimated net worth of $1 Million to $5 Million. Her salary is yet not verified. Serita’s major sources of income includes the sales of her books, public speaking/ presentation, etc

      Where does Serita live?

      Currently, Serita resides in Dallas, Texas, with her family.

      Is Serita dead or alive?

      Serita is alive and in good health. There have been no reports of her being sick or having any health-related issues.

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