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Powerful Morning Prayer by Pastor Sean Pinder January 27 2022

    Sean Pinder Morning Prayer January 27 2022 

    This is the morning prayer session by Pastor Sean Pinder for January 27 2022 with a message titled “The Holy Spirit Your Advocate” and this message will inspire you. This morning, he prayed in the name of the lord Jesus Christ as he and his wife Pastor Amy join their faith together with God’s wonderful people here.

    He prayed for that intimacy draw us close and asked God to open our eyes that we might behold wonderful things out of the word. Sean Pinder asked God to give us that understanding that wisdom, that knowledge, that revelation to help us understand the importance of recognizing the Holy Spirit and understanding who He is and how He represents Jesus to us. He went on to ask God to help us to never ever grieve the Holy Spirit or take Him for granted.

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