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    SARAH JAKES SERMONS OVERCOMING OBSTACLES TRANSCRIPT : Pastor Sarah jakes Robert teaches us about Overcoming Obstacles to Find Your Blessings said: Have you ever had something hurt much longer than it was supposed to and it seems like everyone else got over it and everyone else moved on and everyone else is okay but down on the inside of me, I’ve got these issues, I got pregnant at 14 and I should have been okay maybe a few months after maybe a year after but for some reason I had these issues down on the inside of me that no one could see and no one could touch.


    So I actually think I got a superpower when I was younger, I was probably 14 years old when I tapped into this superpower and it was being invisible, there was this way that I would carry myself when I would walk into rooms where I could just fade into the background and no one had to know I was there, I learned to be invisible and there was some comfort in being invisible because when you have shame down on the inside of you, when anyone looks at you it’s like they can see all of your secrets like they can see all of your fears and you will just wanted to be invisible.

    I got pregnant at 13 years old, td Jake’s daughter pregnant at 13 had my baby at 14 years old and all I wanted to do was be, invisible I didn’t want anyone to see how badly I was hurting and breaking on the inside, i didn’t want anyone to know that i was so unsure of myself and unsure of being a parent at such a young age, i just wanted to be invisible and then as I grew older and met with other people all around the world, I realised that I wasn’t the only one who would learn to be invisible, sometimes being a woman is like living in an aquarium, it’s like you can be seen, but not touched.


    Things just magically happen in our world, the laundry is magically done, the project is magically completed, everyone sees this working but how often are we actually touched down on the inside in the core of our pain and our heartbreak.


    The reality is that when we have these traumatic experiences, that often we get so caught up surviving and just trying to pretend like we’re okay, that we never actually recover.


    In my book don’t settle for safe I compare it to breaking a leg and instead of learning how to have a cast on it and walk again we learn how to walk with a limp, that’s what happened to me when I became invisible at 14, I learned how to walk with a limp, I learned to not talk about it, I learned to pretend like it never happened, I learned to survive but i never ever learnt to recover.

    You know what’s worse than being invisible in your world, it is when you are invisible to yourself, when you no longer tap into that pain and that disappointment and that heartbreak because it just hurts too bad to face the rejection of our past.

    Pastor Sarah jakes wants us to understand from her shared testimony that God has the power to help us over come obstacles in our lives. Just like he dis with the woman with the issue of blood in the bible, after she had learnt to become so invisible.


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