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Sarah Jakes Roberts’ Son, Malachi Jakes Marks his 21st Birthday

    Malachi Jakes Birthday 2023 : The daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes, Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts  who is the founder of the Woman Evolve Movement and a Co-Pastor of The Potter’s House Church has taken to Instagram to celebrate her son who just marked 21.

    In an Instagram she posted a picture of her and her son, Malachi Xander Jakes with the caption
    “A mama’s boy. A mama’s joy. Twenty-one years old, but at least one hundred in the soul. He’s more kind than anyone I’ve known. I can’t believe how much you’ve grown.

    From a pleasant and proper boy to an intelligent and honest man, I could not be more proud of how you’ve taken on the world. Not without challenges and certainly not without trials, but determination has fueled you forward without undermining your heart to care for others.

    I am so so so grateful that God sent me an angel to be light before darkness whispered my name. Your little footsteps were evidence that goodness and mercy were following me all the days of my life.

    That same goodness and mercy is with you, too. You already know it well, but in this next stage of your life, goodness and mercy will become your best friends. They’ll overwhelm you with gratitude and deepen your worship. Your cheeks will hurt from the joy. Your heart will burst with pride. You haven’t seen your brightest days, but God has given me a glimpse, and you’ll be amazed at how God awakens every gift and transforms every pain.

    I celebrate your life today, my son. I love you so much. Happy Birthday! 🎁🎊🎉”

    It will be recalled that Malachi is the son Sarah had at the age of 13. Check out the post below:


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