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So tired that i had to sleep off on the floor – Sarah Jakes shares picture

    Sarah Jakes Roberts Tour Picture: The Founder of women eveolve Pastor Sarah Jakes Roverts has taken to instagram to share her experience during her recent tour.

    The Daghter of Bishop TD Jakes , Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts  has over the years been a source of motivation and encouragement to women worldwide particularly through her teaching and the activities of Women Evolve.

    Commenting on her exhausted condition leading to her sleeping off on the bare floor, Sarah Jakes Roberts took to instagram to write:

    I grabbed a pillow and fell asleep on the floor after 3 of the seven cities on tour. I was exhausted. I’d just gotten some very tough news and couldn’t fathom continuing. I had nothing left, but I knew many people were counting on me to deliver. I show up strong for a bunch of people. What God has done through me has helped so many. I’m still being helped too.

    The more you’re known for one thing the more intentional you must become about clinging to all your things. The beautiful, terrifying, ugly, and exhilarating things. I chose to take this moment and cling to my fragility. If you’re not careful, you’ll be stripped down to a version of you applauded by many but foreign to you. I can’t afford to lose my little girl’s voice in search of the roar of others’ approval. I’m a powerhouse, demon bully, and a girl sorting through trauma – some old and some brand spanking new.

    I told you “Girl, get up!” because I heard it first. I knew that “Everything Must Go” because I unpacked my bags. It’s always to me and then through me. That’s the real “Undoing.” I’m a peasant with a crown, and to be honest, I love it here. I’m a living epistle. A testimony from a girl reclaiming her time from shame, fear, worry, and the dehumanization that comes when people refuse to see that you still bleed.

    I’m not superhuman. I’m not indestructible. Words still hurt. Fears still taunt. Weary still arrives. I breathe it all in. Exhale it all out. Then get up again because I trust God’s got it all figured out – even when I can’t count.

    And my prayer tonight is that this random post helps at least one person feel a little less alone. ❤️

    See also this new picture of Sarah Jakes Roberts

    Picture of Sarah Jakes Roberts

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