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Compilation of Best of Sarah Jakes Roberts Sermons

    Sarah Jakes Roberts Sermons 2022: Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts is  a reputable, talented and bestselling author, businesswoman and media personality. She was born on the 17th of July 1988 in West Virginia , USA. She is presently married to Toure` Roberts.

    One of Sarah Jakes Roberts contribution to humanity is the Memoir she wrote in 2014 titled ” Finding Hope in the Detours of Life”. In the memoir, Sarah Jakes critically examined and discussed her toxic relation and depression. After this, in 2017, she launched another of her great work ”Women evolve”

    Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts has being so committed in both ensuring women development and spiritual growth of people worldwide. She has contributed immensely in the spread of the gospel resulting to spiritual growth of thousands of people worldwide through her daily teachings/sermons.


    I never take for granted the moments when God looks beyond me and decides to use me anyway. My prayer today was God help me to live outside the system of doubt, nerves, and insecurity so that I can deliver this word with boldness and that they may know it’s You. I believe God answered that prayer. Can’t wait to share more with you about how the Holy Spirit filled the room.

    Below are some of the inspiring and spirit-lifting sermons by Sarah Jakes Roberts


    In 2 Samuel 12:15, David had caused a lot of havoc then God had to send a prophet Nathan to tell him that he was doing too much, and there was going to be consequences for his actions. When the child died, David did something strange when the child died, he went into the house of God and worshipped. You begin to question what happened when God didn’t do what David asked for. When God disappoints us, and we move out of position we don’t just harm ourselves we harm our relationship with God also. David had the fortitude in this moment to say even though you didn’t do what I wanted you to do, you could have fixed it but you didn’t; I’m going to remain in position. He was blessed, blind and broken but still in position.

    When we first get a blessing it’s huge, then when we get to know what it takes to maintain the blessing we begin to question if it’s a blessing. We have misconceived blessings to be a gift, we believe it won’t require anything from us. When God gives you a blessing, and you think you’re not qualified but that blessing is an indication that you are set for great things.

    That blessing is speaking of your excellence, the creativity is in you, the anointing is within you and the blessing is an indication that it is within reach. That blessing is telling you that there is something in you.

    The blessing is a call to excellence. There is growth and commitment attached to that blessing, if you’re asking God for a blessing you’re also asking for a stretch.



    Have you ever lost passion? John 21:15-17 Jesus has been crucified and raised from the dead at this point, he was having a conversation with Peter and he was asking Peter if he loves him. In the moment when we think God did not meet our expectation, maybe he has something else in store for you. There are times that God’s disappointment means God is about ultimately appoint you. He’s trying to teach you something, it is in this moment of disappointment that we begin to lose passion. When it doesn’t turn out the way we thought it would, then we lose the fire.

    There is a wind that blows that increases your fire, the flame is probably trying to die on you, disappointment on disappointment and it seems like you’re losing that fire. The Holy Spirit still blows, when you get the Holy Ghost inside of you, he ignites that fire. Something happens when you position your heart to fight for that fire again. God will make you lose passion for where you are, so you can have passion for where he’s taking you to. Peter lost his passion because he didn’t perform the way he thought he would so he went back to doing what he knew. But Jesus did not allow this because if he was not rightly Jesus could not build his church on him. Jesus had to remind Peter of what they do if they partner together. Don’t allow your disappointment to make you lose the relationship you had with Jesus.




    In 1 Kings 3:4-14 was the conversation between Solomon and God. Technically, it is impossible to become an overnight success, but something in our lives changed overnight. The only problem with becoming an overnight success is that you’re not always sure about how to navigate the crown. Technically, Solomon was not the regular kind of king because kings are not born from affairs. When you’re an unorthodox king you’re not prepared for the position. Usually, kings are prepped for the position but maybe you’re not prepped for that place you’re in. You don’t know how to navigate your crown.

    God gave Solomon the crown not because he wanted him to hold his head up in pride, but God gave him a crown so he can bow with the crown in humility. You may not feel qualified but this crown pushes you closer to God. The crown is heavy but it’s because you don’t have to carry it on you own. When you become a success overnight, there is a greater responsibility the next morning and how do you want navigate your authority.

    You need to take authority over what God has given you, you didn’t get there to mess things up. God has called you to effect something. No one is going to understand your gift and talent except you and God.



    In Act 4:24, the disciples were actively spreading the gospel after Jesus left. They had to wait for power n the upper room for the power of the Holy Ghost, sometimes you cannot move until you have power. If you move without power, you get tired halfway. So, Peter and John had been released, and because they were obedient, they became a target. Peter and John were arrested, and when the other disciples heard that they had been arrested they began to pray. Now when these disciples were praying in Acts 4:30 the Bible recorded that the place was shaken.

    Everybody has a system, some are aggressive, for some it’s to consistently give but the problem is that your system is not isolated. It is an ecosystem, which means your system is connected to another person’s system. And this makes marriage difficult, relationships are difficult because two different system are co-existing and no one is ready to live outside their system. There is a possibility that your system is infected and it would keep you from the living the life that God desires. All the devil does is to get you into the wrong system and let you do the rest of the job for yourself. He initiates a system that makes you question God.

    The enemy has his system but God has his promise, now all you have to do is to get out of this system. Let God’s promise come to fulfillment. You need to crack that system, and God will break you out of that system.



    In 2 Corinthians 5:17-20 you are not without hope because you have been reconciled with God. There are things we need to become a different to get those things done. But sometimes we don’t know how to become that person to get that job done. We continually beat ourselves up knowing that we need to change but nothing changes. When was the last time you were specific about the things that need to change? How do you wage war on an adversary that you’ve not accessed? It is not enough to say you want to be a different person; you need to have something to work with. There are moments that God exposes you to a version of yourself that you never thought you could be, and you know you have to be a different person for you to take on that role. God sends you a word that exposes you to see how God sees you. God exposes you until you become hungry to become a different person. That is exactly what happened to Moses, he had found a good life for himself but God was telling Moses I see you differently. The bush was burning and God was telling him he had to go back to Egypt for an assignment. Moses had to become a different person for God to use to liberate his people in Egypt.

    You got to be disciplined, you have to be exposed to become this person God wants you to become. Exposure is more powerful than inadequacy, when God exposes you; you’ll go back to the same city differently. If you want to become a different person, you’ll have to experience a glorious exposure, and you’ll have to grow into it.



    Many of us think that we are in control but in reality, we are moving around things that we are supposed to be in control of.  We are unwilling to let go of the illusion of control that we think we have. If you don’t sort through those things that are dictating how you live your life, you begin to believe that you’re in control of those things. Until you release yourself, you’ll be emulating someone’s work, someone’s ideas. Shame tries to keep you chained but worship tries to change you. If you can’t recognize your weakness then you remain chained, and somehow you manage to think you’re in control of that weakness.

    The only way you can see growth is asking yourself where is my opportunity for growth? When you constantly look for these areas, you begin to experience to growth. David stopped looking for opportunity for growth and in Psalm 51 he was asking for forgiveness. Honor releases God’s presence over your life. It sustains you for your next stage, telling God if you don’t do anything else for me, I thank you for where you’ve brought me thus far. You need God to restore you to the posture of honor, not need, not regret, not worry. David felt entitled to someone else’s wife and it made him lose access to God because he was no longer the person who honored God for bringing him thus far. So, David had to repent, the only way to change his actions was to change his mind and returned to the place of honor. You should never feel entitled to more, you will become so entitled that you don’t recognize where you are right now.



    In Jonah 1:7-11, there are moment when we tell God that we are going to do what he tells us to do but we end up doing other things. But God creates a strategy that allows us to be in his presence even when we think we fled his presence, which means he will often use an excuse to get you into alignment. He uses what you want to get you what you need. God is not going to give up on what he has placed inside of you just because you’re giving up. The clue of who we are is buried in the obedience of what God has told us to do. Jonah was on the run because he wasn’t ready to do what God instructed him to do. When God set you in an environment there is an assignment in that place. God has called you to change something, you need to live for the real king. You have to make the king known; the world is in chaos but God is put you in that place so you can make him known.

    You’ve got something to change, one man (Jonah) had a message from God to liberate an entire city. It was shut up inside of him and he had to deliver that message to the people of Nineveh. One man! You’ve got to make it known that people can still access glory. Jonah doesn’t want to go because he feels it was God showing his mercy, but the place was just an excuse for God to expose Jonah that he had pride and ego. God uses what Jonah didn’t want to do to expose what he had to change.


    In Judges 6, the incredible story of Gideon where God calls this man out of his routine. Many of us have been asking God, how do I break out of this pattern? How do I get out of this routine? There is creativity still attached to your name. So, how do you break out of this routine? It’s okay for you to grow, to change; you need to give yourself permission to allow God to break you out of this routine.

    There is no way you can be successful in a relationship without losing some part of yourself. It’s the same with our relationship with God. It’s time to break out of your routine once and for all. God had to wake Gideon up again, you are destined to wage war and if you sit back and get back into that routine the enemy is going to get you.  When God gets ready to wage war, you need to get rid of those distraction. The weapon for that war is the encounter you had with God. An encounter makes all the difference, Gideon had one encounter and he recognized that the thing he was lacking was peace.

    Peace is your weapon when you have peace you have everything.



    In Exodus 4:1-9 when a word comes into your life, you have to be willing to ask God where is the area in my life this word is watering. Doubt has become a home for many of us, it becomes comfortable. Doubt is a feeling of uncertainty so, when you’re uncertain about certain things then it means you’re in doubt. The enemy uses doubt subtly, it is never blatant, doubt is not something you should take gently.  Once you introduce doubt you begin to question God, you become double-minded, it becomes a weapon against your destiny.  There is something dangerous about living with doubt, you lose conviction and you begin to question yourself. You need to live a life conviction, it changes the way you view of yourself, conviction moves you in the path of your destiny. Conviction brings you to alignment, nothing changes without conviction.

    To live in doubt means to live without conviction. Conviction cuts through the noise, it elevates your perspective; it makes survival a necessity and not a luxury. Doubt is contagious but conviction is also contagious. You need to know when doubt becomes your home, you need to let God bring that area of doubt to the surface so you can get your deliverance. You get to choose if doubt is the in, doubt is the trick of enemy to make you believe you’re inadequate for what God has called you to be.


    God doesn’t mind starting over, we care about starting over because we live with the consciousness of time. We believe we are losing time, but God is the creator of time and he doesn’t mind starting over. The idea of starting over is crystallized in Genesis 6, the expectation is the same even in the starting over. He wanted man to be fruitful and multiply even in a new environment, the purpose was the same. But God’s expectation of man doesn’t change even when we are starting afresh. Even when you’re in a new environment, he wants you to go and change that environment, God is not going to release you without setting an expectation.  God didn’t put you there coincidentally, he placed you there for a reason.

    If God is not scared of starting over then you should not be scared of starting over because you’re made in his image. Things may have gone in the wrong direction but you shouldn’t be afraid of picking up your tools and starting over.  When you do it again, you’re getting progression. Starting over makes you sensitive, there are moment when what God did is at war with God is doing. You need to be sensitive enough to know what God is trying to break down in your life because it is hindering what God is doing.



    In John 16:5-8, the disciples had experienced more from Christ and now the new is about to be taken away. The disciples were grieved that Jesus was leaving, but Jesus was telling them that he had to leave for them to experience something greater which was the Holy Spirit.

    You’ve got to believe that there is more, many of us stay trapped in the room that stops us from fulfilling our potentials. You don’t want to risk the vulnerability; you have to believe that there is more! There is something powerful about somebody who has committed life to believing that there is more. you’re assigned for more; you need to ask yourself what more can I do? You need to believe in more.

    This is not the end of your life, God kept you alive because multiplication is possible, there is more in this life for you. Sometimes, more feels expensive; sometimes, more feels unachievable, but it doesn’t stop the idea that there is more. Knowing there is more brings you to a place of escape. The disciples were not looking for more but more found them.  There is more than your past, there is more than your pain and more is finding you.

    God thinks more about you than you think about yourself. God is calling you more because you’re better than that.


    We are God’s product not God’s project, many of us believe we are a project. We are waiting for something to fulfill us; the truth is that we are God’s product. When God created us, we lacked nothing, the enemy trick us into believing that we almost had it all but we are missing something. We are constantly focused on gains; we are consumed with the idea that we don’t have enough.

    There is nothing wrong with starting where you are now. You’ve got nothing to lose, you need the consciousness that you’ll not be seduce by gain. When you’re seduce by gain you diminish what God has done in your life. Nothing should take your focus off what God has given you. We get easily distracted, because if we see someone moving easily, we begin to question God. You can be promotion focused and receive gain, but along the way you may gain things that you don’t want. We are blinded by what we want that we begin to acquire the unwanted things.

    The cost of progression is not only the gain that you want, but also gain things that you don’t want. Until you face the unwanted things, the wanted things we never be exactly what you want. The unwanted and wanted things are creating your oil, you see the shine but you don’t see the coal.  The unwanted things define us.


    In 1Kings 18:32-39 Prophet Elijah was just returning after Israel has drifted from God, Elijah is having a face-off with the prophets of Baal. Strikingly Elijah poured water on the wood where he laid the sacrifice and he called down fire from heaven. When we miss something that we should have noticed before it went out of hand, we begin to believe that there is no way we can recover. Israel the chosen people didn’t feel chosen anymore because there was drought and the turned to Baal. The drought will convince you that you’re never going to get out. The drought would tell you no one can save you, but God sends Prophet Elijah to Israel because they needed a representation of what they are supposed to look like.  When God shows you something that is in contradiction to where you are, it means God is trying to show you what it’s supposed to look like.

    Elijah has to be representation for the children of Israel, but because he is a representation God called him away from the drought. Sometimes God is calling you away from the drought to be alone with God. Everyone around you maybe in a drought but there is a brook that only you can tap into. That drought can’t be your God, worship in the drought. God knows you in the drought, God knows it hurts. Elijah had to focus on God in the drought.



    It has been be said that communication is what makes marriage work. You have the right to remain silent in marriage but you don’t have to exercise it. Silence has the ability to create division in a marriage, it’s not that you don’t know what to say, it’s just that you don’t have the words. You need to find a way to fill in the silence. Your disbelief will show up in your marriage, areas where you don’t belief in your potentials anymore and you’re forced into silence.

    Marriage changes the foundation of your life, and you need to go back to the drawing board and ask God what is your vision for my marriage now. It is not just simple as being understood, you need God to give you a vision that would see you through the next decade. You need a visionary in your marriage, you don’t have to do what’s always been done, you should have a vision for your marriage.

    God is not like man, when he made Zechariah mute he didn’t take the promise away, but somehow this high priest even when he couldn’t speak had to communicate God’s promise to his wife in a different way. You may need to change strategy, you may need to change the vision, and in this new vision the miracle is more important than your comfort.


    We talk about loyalty like it is something that is easy, but loyalty comes with a lot of tension. In the book of I Samuel 3 the little child that was raised in the temple heard God for the first time. Samuel knew he had a responsibility to either maintain his loyalty with Eli and not tell him God’s message; or maintain his loyalty to God and give Eli the word. What is loyalty if there is no disruption? Everyone seems loyal until their loyalty is tested. Samuel had to determine his loyalty at this point because there was a disruption.

    There is nothing more memorable than that moment when you realize this isn’t your problem to solve, it is God’s problem. When you remember that God built you, then you know it his job to fix it. When you let go and let God, you’re handing things totally to him. You should be more loyal to what God is doing than the environment which he’s doing it in. The tension of loyalty means you’re more loyal to God’s plan than what you’re experiencing. When you’re loyal to God you won’t be so desperate for your outcome, your main focus is on God. God called Samuel into a deeper relationship and he had to choose who he was going to be loyal to. God wants your loyalty to lie in the proper place.



    Some of us are stepping into a more acute version of our assignment, initiating a walk with God starts off broad; then there is the question of what is my purpose? What is my assignment? Then there are encounters that narrow it down and you begin to discover your identity. When God narrows you down, you begin to shoot with precision. You don’t have time to waste, God builds with precision. God had a vision of how the gospel was going to reach the gentiles, he was going to take a man who persecuted the people of God and make him take the gospel to the gentiles. Ananias was called to have an encounter with this persecutor, but God had a plan.

    The word disciple means student which means you’re always going to be a student, and never a master. It may sound uncomfortable to us because we want to graduate. But there are moments when we are walking with God and we become the uncomfortable student. You have to be willing to be an uncomfortable student, God will bring a catalyst that will change what you’ve been used to.

    God told Ananias I have something for you to do and the man sad here I am, when God gave him the instruction, he was afraid. When you’re real in God’s presence he will tell you why you have to go. Let God teach you how to navigate the assignment he has given you. Activation first comes from partnership with God.



    If you’re in the wilderness it means that there is a lesson for you there. No one likes to be in the wilderness, the fear and surprise of the wilderness makes us stuck and stagnant. But God is calling you to be a solution in the middle of the wilderness. God want you to come to place where you learn how you going to stay out of the wilderness completely. You’re not a worn-off, you’re a trailblazer. It takes audacity to see that the wilderness is not just about you, it’s about the people connected to you. You need to have the ability to sustain the lesson learnt.

    The wilderness puts something on you, how do you activate this audacity? There are instances where you need to look like what you’ve been through it repels anything that’s not from you. When you look like wisdom, when you look like strength, when you look focused; you get to realize that you did not go back to looking like who you were before. You left the wilderness with lesson learnt, lessons that break generational curses, lesson that gives you wisdom. You’re not the same person anymore!

    You cannot lose what the wilderness taught you.



    There was a moment in John 19:26-30, this was Jesus final moment on the cross. Relationship doesn’t just fall apart, someone in that relationship redefined love. Redefinition causes relationships to deteriorate, we need to let God redefined. Being redefined is when we lose our way to let God have his way. When we are being redefined, we have to surrender to God totally in that moment. If you resist the redefinition, you may not become what God wants you to be. You don’t go from good to great except there is grief in between. Our goal is to survive the moments of redefinition, it is voluntary and you’ve got to get connected with people who want you to grow.

    God is going to be with through the process, but you must be willing to stretch in this moment. Nothing God creates stays the same Gen 1:12. If you’re on earth and you do not surrender to redefinition, they you may not produce the deposits of God in your life. You’ll be redefined till you look like the image of God. Surrender the process of redefining, when you’re redefined, you need to be in an atmosphere that feeds the redefinition. You have to make a decision to survive this, Jesus was at the peak of redefinition at the end. Jesus surrendered to the process.



    Many of us see an outward disposition of who we can become, but the disconnect is that we are not structured internally for the result we desire so we get stuck. We are not prepared for the sequence that leads to the miracle. There are internal miracles, it would take a miracle to be disciplined, it would take a miracle to be a good partner, it would take a miracle to be confident. You may not have the inside for what you’re reaching for. Your inside needs a miracle than your outside does. God didn’t perform any miracle without a structure, there was a sequence before Jesus healed the blind man. The power of God wants to flow unhindered but he needs you to clear the path for his power to come through.

    You need to take ownership of your problem; God doesn’t give insight without strategy. You have to be willing to relinquish the pathology that makes you minimize what you have.  When you discredit what you have, then you can’t see what you have as powerful. You may not have much but you’ve got some faith on it, and God says if you give me something I will give you something more. Try to see what God can do with your little.  Don’t just sit on what you have.


    The core is the part of the apple that we don’t get to eat, but the core is one of the most important parts of the fruit because it is responsible for the reproduction of the apple. Natural things are the reflection of the supernatural. But the striking thing is that unlike the apple, human beings can change their core. Changing your core takes intention because we all have a default setting. You have to protect your core at all cost so you don’t go back to your default setting. The only way you can protect your core is if you produce from that core. You can’t let the old you speak anymore because you’re trying to change your core. You have to produce from this new spirituality. You have to be willing to change your core.

    If you’re not careful you would bring your old you into your new core. You can’t trust your default setting because it doesn’t align with your destiny. The moment you start producing from your new core, you’ll be questioned by those around you. You should be ready for the questions that will come when you start preparing from your core. The greatest questions you will answer will never come from those outside, it will come from the anxiety and unwillingness inside of you.

    When Jesus keeps you in mind, you can say to those questions on your inside that Jesus kept you in mind; because he kept you in mind you can produce from your core.

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