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Sarah Roberts & Consolata Kapuya: Key Ingredients For Being Authentic

    Sarah Jakes Roberts & Consolata Kapuya Key Ingredients For Being Authentic : The two talented preachers, speakers and authors, Sarah Jakes Roberts and Consolata Kapuya have come up with this educative and inspiring message titled “Key Ingredients For Being Authentic” where they teach that when cooking up your next move, you should not forget that your authenticity is the main ingredient.

    Sarah Jakes Roberts (SJR) and Consolata Kapuya serve us some fresh perspective on how to comfortably live a life that feels natural versus one that is an imitation of who we really are.

    Teaching further on this on Instagram, Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts wrote:

    It’s amazing when we can create a safe space for others to vent but we’ve gotta know our role and play it well! Naturally, we want to help see others through to the finish line of figuring out their life but honestly sis, it’s spiritually and emotionally best for you and them when they’re handed over to God. He knows them best, gives waaaayyy better advice, and has much more capacity to carry their burdens. Letting God be God uncomplicates life. Who has time for complications? W.E. don’t!”

    Watch and learn from this message by Sarah Roberts & Consolata Kapuya: “Key Ingredients For Being Authentic” as we bring the latest messages from Pastors and Motivational Speakers across the globe to you.

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