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    Pastor Sarah Jakes said, It’s march and it is women’s history month this month reminds me of the power connected to making history after all we do not become history makers unless we are empowered by something that is bigger than us, to do something that is going to change the world or change the future for someone coming behind us and thinking about history and power we’ve decided to label this month revolutionary.


    We’re talking about revolutionary power with Deborah, Deborah was the first woman judge for the children of Israel and it tells us about a woman walking in her power as we launch women’s history month at woman evolve, we’re going to be sharing different aspects of Deborah’s story of everyday women’s story but also perhaps pieces and glimpses of your story.


    Judges four and five they introduce us to Deborah and Deborah is a prophetess, the wife of Lapidoth was judging Israel at that time and judges 4 5 says and she would sit under the palm tree of Deborah between Rama and bethel in the mountains of Ephraim and the children of Israel came up to her for judgment.


    I have this vision in my mind of Deborah sitting underneath the tree stately and queenly owning her power owning her purpose and allowing those who were in need of her purpose to come to her, isn’t that a vision, isn’t that what we all want, we want to sit comfortably in our power and our purpose waiting for those who need us to be attracted to us.


    Deborah is not anxious she’s not chasing after those who may need her, she’s not sticking her nose in other people’s situation to determine whether or not they need her to judge it, she is sitting comfortably in who she is, waiting for the need to arise for her to utilize the gifts and the talents that are assigned to her name.


    So many of us want purpose but we aren’t comfortable within our own skin, as a matter of fact we believe that if I have purpose, then I will be comfortable, not recognising that purpose is not a Band-Aid, it is not a cozy little blanket, it is not a pillow that’s going to keep you nice and warm and cuddly at night. Purpose requires everything you have and don’t have, so before you embark on the journey of purpose, you got to be comfortable with what you’re starting with.


    Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts says, if you have a weakness who has a struggle, who has an insecurity that they think purpose will heal, I want to let you know this in the most kind most empathetic way possible, purpose will not be your surgeon purpose will be the tool that you use in order to do surgery for other people which means instead of asking for purpose, to come and make you whole and for purpose to make you feel better.


    We have to ask the deeper question and that deeper question is why am I aching so bad for this validation or affirmation or acknowledgement or fame that I think will come with purpose how can I be comfortable with who I am now and where i am positioned now?


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