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Sarah Jakes Roberts Sermon : Finding Hope in the Grave

    Sarah Jakes Roberts Sermon Finding Hope in the Grave : The founder of Women Evolve, daughter of TD Jakes and senior pastor of ONE(Potter’s House Church), Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts has come through with this amazing sermon titled ”Finding Hope in the Grave”.

    Be rest assured that this is one of those highly inspiring and insightful sermon by Sarah Jakes Roberts that you cannot afford to miss.

    “Whew chile, what a year! How ‘bout W.E. reflect on God’s faithfulness? All month long, join us as W.E. revisit sermons that are powerful and relevant to the times. First up, W.E. are throwin’ it back to a groundbreaking moment from Woman Evolve Conference 2021! The Delegation went H.A.M. for the homie Halimah & liiisssteeen…tear ducts on weak! Then, things got even more real. See, what had happened was…like the Prophet Ezekiel, our bestie SJR began to prophesy over dry bones. And no cap…but the Spirit of the living God called the girls up outta their graves! Sis, do you feel buried by what has exiled you? Are you down to your last breath? If so, let this be a reminder that your spirit has a native tongue. Now, secure ya wigs & prepare to shout!

    Kindly watch and learn from this Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts Sermon ”Finding hope in the grave”. May God bless his words in our hearts and grant us all our heart desires.

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    Watch Sarah Jakes Roberts’ Sermon ”Finding Hope in the Grave”

    Video credit : Sarah Jakes Roberts Youtube

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