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Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts Sermon : Break Through The Noise

    The daughter of Bishop TD Jakes, founder of Women Evolved and the senior Pastor of ONE[Potter’s House Church], Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts has come through with this amazing Potter’s House Church Sermon titled ”Break Through The Noise” and it is an educative sermon you will enjoy listening to.

    Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts is an inspirational preacher who has captured the hearts and minds of many with her powerful sermons. In her sermon titled “Break Through The Noise,” Pastor Sarah urges us to find clarity and direction in our lives amidst the chaos and distractions of the world.

    This sermon begins with Pastor Sarah acknowledging the overwhelming amount of noise and distractions that exist in our modern world. She notes how social media, news cycles, and other forms of media bombard us with information constantly, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from ourselves and from God.

    Despite these challenges, Pastor Sarah reminds us that we are not alone in our struggles. She shares her own personal journey of breaking through the noise and finding clarity in her life. She encourages us to seek God in the midst of the chaos and to listen for His voice.

    One of the key messages of the sermon is that in order to break through the noise, we must be intentional about creating space for God in our lives. We must carve out time each day to be still and listen for His voice. Pastor Sarah encourages us to find ways to disconnect from technology and other distractions and to simply be present with God.

    Pastor Sarah also reminds us of the power of prayer in breaking through the noise. She encourages us to pray not just for ourselves, but for those around us who are struggling with their own challenges. She reminds us that when we lift up others in prayer, we not only help them, but we also help ourselves by connecting more deeply with God’s love and grace.

    Throughout the sermon, Pastor Sarah weaves in stories from the Bible to illustrate her points. She reminds us of the importance of looking to the examples of faith from the past and how their stories can inspire us to live more fully in the present.

    In conclusion, Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts’ sermon “Break Through The Noise” offers a powerful message of hope and encouragement to anyone feeling overwhelmed by the distractions and chaos of the world. She reminds us that in order to find clarity and direction in our lives, we must be intentional about creating space for God and listening for His voice. Through prayer, reflection, and connection with others, we can break through the noise and find the peace and joy that comes from living in alignment with God’s purpose for our lives.

    Watch Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts Sermon : Break Through The Noise

    Video Credit : TD Jakes Youtube

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