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Break the Flow – Sarah Jakes Roberts Sermons

    Sarah Jakes Roberts sermon Break the Flow  : Confluence is when two rivers join together to form a single channel and in the process of joining together, they become a stronger current than when they were flowing individually.

    Confluence is more important than influence, we need confluence before influence.

    Marriage is not one person influencing the other, its confluence, two people coming together with an idea that makes the other idea stronger as a result of being paired together. its important that in any situation we find ourselves, be it our organization or relationships, we should have confluence unless the organization or relationship will be influenced by the preexisting culture, but with confluence, we can take two good ideas and turn them to a great idea because we are sharpened when we are together.

    To be effective In our relationships, businesses, churches, societies and marriages, it cannot be a dictatorship, It must be confluence, your partner must understand your perspective and vice versa. We are a movement when we are by a force and ourselves when we are together.

    Its important that as Christians and leaders we align our flow with God, confluence with God gives you peace of mind, because when your life seems to be flowing the wrong way, when your kids seems to be dong it all wrong, you would be okay, because you have faith and believe in the fact that you are aligned to the strongest flow that exist.

    Elijah and Elisha were confluent. They were two separate entities, but Elijah threw his mantle on Elisha and they became a single channel, so they had this channel that flowed through out the whole of the earth, its called a double portion anointing.



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