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Picture Of Sarah Jakes Roberts Husband with Ella their last born

    Sarah Jakes Roberts daughter Ella daughter : Sarah Jakes Roberts husband Toure Roberts has taken ti instagram to share a picture of himself and their daughter Ella Roberts swimming as part of their summer activities.

    Ella happens to be te fruit of the marriage between Sarah Jakes and Toure Roberts.

    The Roberts married in November 2014 in what has become a second marriage for each of them.
    Sarah initially brought her two children into the union with Touré’s three children from a previous relationship. Earlier this year, Sarah wrote about her past failed relationships giving her anxiety about having another child.

    Sarah Jakes Roberts and Toure Roberts got married in 2014. Two years after their marriage, they had a daghter whom they named Ella ( born on the 10th February 2016). Meanswhile Sarah Jakes came into the marriage with two children from her previous marriage while Toure Roberts came into the marriage with 3 children from his previous marriage.


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    Sarah Jakes Roberts daughter Ella daughter

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