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Sarah Jakes and Toure Roberts Celebrates 8 years Wedding Anniversary (See the Emotional Video)

    Sarah Jakes and Toure Roberts Wedding Anniversary : Bishop TD Jakes’ daughter and the founder of Women Evolve has taken to instagram to share the emotional pictures and videos in celebration of her wedding anniversary with her lovely and supportive husband, Pastor Toure Roberts.

    Recall that Sarah Jakes and Toure Roberts got married on the November 23, 2014. Prior to her marriage to Toure Roberts , Sarah was married to her linebacker husband, Robert Henson whom she divorced in 2018 after 4 years of marriage.

    Toure Roberts who is a senior pastor of ONE(Potter’s House Church) has been a supportive husband, best friend and a second father to Sarah Jakes Roberts.

    Their marriage is blessed with a beautiful daughter Ella Roberts.

    Celebrating her 8 years wedding anniversary with Toure Roberts, Pastor Sarah Jakes took to instagram to share:

    Eight years ago we exchanged me and you for WE.

    You embody what it means to have a life partner. A friend, nurse, listener, coach, colleague, bodyguard, secret keeper, audience, covering, partner, lover, hope, comforter…. God gave me the best when God gave me you.

    We’ve faced greatness and grief and found a way to have joy in the midst of it all. 8 represents the number of new beginnings and at this season of our life we’re both experiencing new expressions of our identity. I’m more excited to get to know you today than I was on 3/17/14.

    Forever and ever yours…. ❤️

    Watch Sarah Jakes and Toure Roberts Wedding Anniversary Video 

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