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Powerful Prayers For Kindness

    I have been a follower of the Lord for many years now, and I have learned that kindness is one of the most important things we can pray for. It is a powerful attribute to have, whether you are praying for yourself or for someone else. When we make every effort to be kind, it shows everyone–including ourselves–how much we love our neighbors. It also brings us closer to God in all aspects of our lives. So if you’re looking for prayers about kindness and how you can become more compassionate with those around you, then read on!

    Powerful Prayers For Kindness

    1. Develop a kind heart

    The first and most important step in developing a kind heart is to be kind to yourself. Some people are naturally generous, but many of us have to work at it. If you find yourself being unkind to other people, animals or nature—or even if you’re just not as generous as you’d like—start there: start with the people closest to you and work your way out. Think about what’s happening inside of your head when something makes you angry and try to replace those thoughts with ones that are more loving. This might seem like an obvious thing to do, but if we all knew how much better we’d feel after doing this consistently, everyone would be doing it!

    2. Lord help me to develop a kind heart

    I hope that as you read this article, you’ll be inspired to develop a kind heart. I’ve found that the benefits of such a thing are innumerable:

    • Developing kindness and compassion can help us stay positive in times of stress.
    • It gives us perspective on life’s challenges, allowing us to see them through a lens that doesn’t focus on what’s wrong with others but rather on what’s right within ourselves.
    • When we’re kind toward others, they feel more comfortable around us—and this makes it easier for them to share their thoughts and feelings with us (which is sometimes all we need from them).

    I encourage you all to cultivate this quality in yourselves because it will change your life for the better!

    3. Lord, I admit that at times I have been intentionally unkind to others.

    • Confess your sins. Whether you have been intentionally unkind, or just thoughtless, it is important to confess to God.
    • Admit your unkindness. Be honest with yourself and acknowledge that you have done wrong in being unkind to others in the past. It may be hard to admit this at first, but this is an important step on the path toward repentance and forgiveness—and it’s also a good way of helping you remember so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes in the future!
    • Ask for forgiveness and repent of your unkindness. When asking God for forgiveness, remember that He has already forgiven us through Jesus Christ; we need only ask Him and thank Him for His mercy before forgiving ourselves (and others) as well! Repentance means making a change in how we act toward others now that we are aware that our behavior was wrong; let us all strive towards gentleness so as not only avoid such actions but also promote them among those around us!

    4. Help me to be kind, God

    “Help me to be kind, God,” is a prayer that asks for help in obtaining kindness. Kindness is the highest form of love, virtue, strength, wisdom, life, and power. It’s been said that a person cannot be truly kind until his or her heart has been broken at least once in their lifetime.

    When I am kind I feel good about myself and others feel good around me…and yet there are times when I struggle with being kind due to my own fears or insecurities…but we all want to be loved by others so much that we often forget how much love we can give ourselves without needing anything back!

    5. Lord, please teach me whatever lessons I need to learn through being kind.

    Be kind to yourself, and then be kind to others. Be kind to animals, the environment and the earth.

    It’s not enough to only be kind when you think nobody is looking. We all have ways of acting that we think are acceptable — but they’re actually not! This includes everything from being rude at work to gossiping with friends (or even worse: posting nasty things on social media).

    We don’t always realize we’ve done something mean until it’s too late. But whatever it is that makes us act unkindly towards another person or thing — whether it’s your dog or a stranger at school — remember that you can always go back and apologize later if you need to do so. You will feel much better about yourself knowing that someone else understands how sorry you are for hurting them in some way; plus their forgiveness will bring peace into both of your lives!

    6. Help me to be less judgmental

    The first step to being kind is recognizing that judging others is a form of pride. Pride comes before the fall, and it will always keep you from seeing your own faults. It’s important, then, that you become aware of what makes people different from each other and stop assuming they are incapable or unworthy because of those differences. You need to recognize each person as an individual who has the same potential for goodness as any other human being.

    The second step is realizing that it takes no time at all for someone else’s circumstance or personality quirks to make them seem less than worthy in your eyes—and then acting on this attitude toward them rather than confronting it head-on with compassion and understanding. When you notice yourself feeling this way about someone else (or even yourself), pause and think about why: What am I feeling threatened by? How would my life change if I changed this perspective entirely? Nothing productive can come from negative thoughts like these; only kindness can lead us forward into a brighter future where we all have enough love for one another

    7. Forgive me, Lord, for the times when I have been unkind in thought or actions towards others.

    Dear Lord,

    I ask that you forgive me for the times when I have been unkind in thought or actions towards others. I know that my sins are not worse than anyone else’s, and yet they are still sinning nevertheless. Forgive me for thinking negative thoughts about others; forgive me for judging them without knowing their full story; forgive me for speaking negatively about them to other people; and forgive me for even thinking about hurting them physically or emotionally. Please help me to be willing to forgive those who have sinned against me so that I can love them more fully as you would want us all to love one another.

    We are all sinners and we all make mistakes, but if we truly believe in Jesus Christ, then we should always be willing to ask for forgiveness when we have been unkind, make amends with those whom we have wronged where possible (and appropriate), and try our hardest from here forward never again committing this offense against anyone else!

    8. Lord Jesus Christ

    • Jesus is an example of kindness.
    • God’s love for us was shown through the death of his only Son, who came to earth and showed us how to live in a way that was kind and caring for others.
    • It is through him that we can be kind because he is our source of kindness.

    9. Teach me to always be kind toward all persons and animals as well.

    Teach me to always be kind toward all persons and animals as well.

    Kindness is a virtue, not just because it makes us feel good, but because it is a form of love. Kindness is the way we express our love for others, including those who do not make us feel good; kindness is a way of life and being. Kindness can be taught through example and by accepting everyone with open arms despite their faults or transgressions; kindness comes from within our hearts and souls when we choose to see what others cannot see in themselves.”

    10. As your child, I now pray for kindness toward all things and persons.

    Pray that your children will discover the beauty of kindness and how it blesses the giver.

    Each morning, as you awaken, pray for the opportunity to show kindness to those around you. As your children are coming down for breakfast, thank God for providing so many ways to be kind—the food on their plates and the roof over their heads are just a couple of examples. Pray that they look at others with an eye toward helping them instead of hurting them or taking advantage of them.

    You can also take this time each day to review what happened during the previous 24 hours in order to find any instances where someone was unkind or unhelpful toward another person (or animal). Ask yourself if there was anything that could have been done differently in order to encourage more kindness among people; then add this question to your prayer list: “Lord, help me remember these things when I am faced with similar situations tomorrow!”

    11. Grant me a heart that is full of understanding and compassion towards all living beings and creatures.

    • Kindness is a virtue.
    • Kindness is a choice.
    • Kindness is a way of life, and it’s one that we can all learn to practice in our daily lives, no matter how big or small the gesture may be.
    • Kindness is also something that can be given freely without expecting anything in return—which makes those who are generous with their kindness all the more deserving of praise.
    • And finally, kindness is one of those things that seems like it should be easy but can actually feel downright impossible at times! That’s why we need prayers for kindness so much: they help us stay motivated when we might otherwise give up on being nice!

    12. Pray for kindness!

    • Pray for others. Consider the people in your life, and pray for them to be kind. For example, you could pray that your boss is able to show kindness to his employees this week. You could also pray for a friend who is going through a difficult time and needs some kindness from others.
    • Pray for yourself. This can take two forms: first, consider the challenges you face on a daily basis and how they might be overcome with kindness; second, remember that God has given us all gifts and talents (see Romans 12:3), so ask Him to help you use those gifts well—in ways that are kind!
    • Pray for the world at large: If you’re feeling overwhelmed by bad news headlines or political strife in our country or abroad, take some time out of your day just before lunchtime each day as part of your daily prayer routine to offer up petitions on behalf of others around the globe who need God’s love and support right now!


    You can pray for kindness to yourself, towards others, or even toward all living things.

    You may not be able to change the world with a simple prayer, but you can change your attitude and the way you interact with those around you. This is an important first step on your journey to making a positive difference in this world.

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