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Powerful Prayers For Healing After Surgery

    Prayer can be a source of comfort. Whether you are looking for prayers for a loved one or planning to have the surgery yourself, pray that God will bring healing and wholeness to mind, body, and soul.

    Powerful Prayers For Healing After Surgery

    1. Prayer For Healing After Surgery

    Prayer for Healing After Surgery

    Lord, we pray for healing and a quick recovery. We ask that you give us the faith to endure this trial in our lives. We also ask for strength, so that we may heal quickly and completely. Please bless your servant as he/she undergoes surgery today; remove all fear from him/her and provide comfort and peace during this time of uncertainty. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

    2. Prayer For A Quick Recovery

    • Prayer for a Quick Recovery

    Dear God, please help me recover quickly. I am in so much pain. Please heal me of this injury and help me to get well soon. Help my body to mend itself and heal with grace and speed so that I may be back on my feet as soon as possible. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen!

    3. Prayer To Keep The Faith When Waiting For Surgery

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    4. Prayer For Strength During My Recovery

    Prayer For Strength During My Recovery

    May the Lord grant me strength and endurance to endure my recovery. I know that it will be challenging, but I pray that you give me the strength to live through it. You are the source of all things good and wise, so please guide my recovery process as I heal from surgery. Amen!

    5. Prayer To Heal Fast From Surgery

    As you pray for your recovery, you can also pray for the doctors, nurses, and other medical staff who will be helping you. Ask God to heal them quickly too.

    When you are finished with this prayer, ask God to send angels to surround each person involved in your surgery; the doctors, nurses, and technicians or assistants working on you; the family members who came with or visited you before surgery; and any friends who have been praying for your healing during this time of need.

    6. Hold on to your faith during the healing process.

    During this time, it is important for you to hold on to your faith. Your body and mind will go through a lot of changes and it is normal to have doubts about recovery. Don’t give in to those doubts or allow them to affect your recovery negatively. Surround yourself with loved ones who support you in the healing process. Remind yourself that God will help you through this difficult time and keep Him at the forefront of your mind when things get tough!


    These are just some of the powerful prayers for healing after surgery that you can try. Feel free to use them as a guide when you are praying for someone who will be undergoing surgery. The most important thing is to remember that God is there with you, and He is always willing to provide comfort, strength, and healing.

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